Knec issues statement on Grade 3 and 4 score uploading process as deadline nears

Knec issues statement on Grade 3 and 4 score uploading process as deadline nears

The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) has issued a statement on the ongoing score uploading process for both Grade 3 and Grade 4 after numerous complains from teachers.

Grade 3 learners sat for their Integrated Learning Areas (ILA) project which was scheduled for term 2 while assessment for other learning areas which shall begin next term.

 Knec said assessment of 2020 Grade 3 learners shall be administered in third term when the current academic year is ending according to the new post-covid school calendar.

Knec had opened registration of Grade 3 learners and schools were given timeframe for registering their learners on the online portal.

“This is to inform all head teachers of primary schools to access the GRADE 3 registration portal by logging into the KNEC website: using their user name and password to upload the details of the learners between 4th January and 1st February, 2021 in readiness for the assessment,” Knec CEO Mercy Karogo said through a circular.

Knec had also ordered schools to ensure the Grade 3 ILA project scores are submitted to the online portal by 12th March.

However teachers have been complaining of weak Knec servers which would not allow smooth process of uploading scores.

Knec issues statement on Grade 3 and 4 score uploading process as deadline nears
Grade 3 3D ILA project

Knec had also said it would conduct Formative Assessment for Grade 4 class and that it will make available the 2020 Grade 4 Age Based and Intermediate Level Stage Based assessment tools by 7th March 2021 for schools to access and use.

The tools covered the following subjects:

Age Based Curriculum (Regular) Pathway:




Kenyan Sign Language;

Science and Technology;



Art and Craft;

Social  Studies;

Christian  Religious Education (CRE);

Islamic Religious Education (IRE);

Hindu Religious Education (HRE);

Home Science; and

Physical and Health  Education.

Stage Based Curriculum Pathway:

Communication, Social and Literacy Skills;

Daily Living Skills and Religious Education;

Numeracy Activities;

Creative Activities;

Environmental Activities;

Psychomotor Activities;  and

Sensory Motor Integration.

Schools have completed both Grade 3 ILA task as well as Grade 4 Formative Assessment and are now in score uploading process to beat set deadlines.

Schools are to upload Grade 4 Formative Assessment scores latest 19th March.

This means schools have three days before they are locked out of the system.

“Schools are therefore expected to download and administer the assessment tools; score; and upload the  Grade 4 learners’ assessment scores on the KNEC Competency Based Assessment portal  between 8th and 19th March 2021,” the examiner had said.

However Knec has come out to address issues concerning its portals which are not working after mass complaints.

“KNEC has confirmed that the grade 3 and 4 portals have mechanical problems and they are making every effort to rectify the problem. The deadline given earlier for the uploading of Grade 3 assessment outcomes will be extended when the system is back. You can meanwhile be checking the system but do not be stressed,” Knec said through its official social media handles.

This is a relief for schools which are still struggling to submit scores.

Our hope is that Knec will work speedly to have its servers work efficiently so that schools can upload scores easily especially now that schools are closing soon.

Teachers have also complained missing Grade 4 score sheets as well as inconsistent with online portal and the offline results leading to confusion in keying results. Our Knec will address these issues in next assessment.

Knec had directed all Head-teachers to keep all records generated from the assessment as evidence for use in quality assurance.

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