Knec Grade 3 CBC Assessment Project July 2022 (MLP Instructions and Guidelines)

Knec Grade 3 CBC Assessment Project July 2022 (MLP Instructions and Guidelines)






1. The task will be carried out within a duration of two months culminating in a ‘Fun Day’

2. The teacher will guide the learner to carry out every step of the task as required.

3. Core competencies and core values embedded in the sub-tasks will be assessed.

4. Each learner is required to build/develop and maintain an assessment portfolio as evidence of achievement. The entries in the portfolio should reflect:

a) Samples/evidence of the learner’s work on each of the sub-tasks.

b) Teacher’s scores, comments on the learner’s work. iii. Learner’s reflection on their work.

c) Date when each sub task was accomplished and assessed.

5. The assessment portfolio may be physical, electronic (e-portfolio) or both.

6. Parents/guardians may be invited during the fun day.

7. The teacher will use the assessment tools and scoring guides provided for each task to assess the learner’s work. 

8. Learners should be guided to observe safety while undertaking the task.

9. The school is required to invite a leader from the community to speak to the Grade 3 learners on good leadership that promotes patriotism.  

10. Assessment of learners should be done prior to the Fun Day. 


By the end of Early Years Education, the learner should be able to: 

  1. Demonstrate basic literacy and numeracy skills for learning.
  2. Communicate appropriately using verbal and/or non-verbal modes in a variety of contexts.
  3. Demonstrate appropriate etiquette in social relationships.
  4. Apply creativity and critical thinking skills in problem solving.
  5. Explore the immediate environment for learning and enjoyment.
  6. Practice hygiene, nutrition, sanitation, safety skills to promote health and wellbeing.
  7. Demonstrate the acquisition of emotional, physical, spiritual, aesthetic and moral  development for balanced living.
  8. Demonstrate appreciation of the country’s rich and diverse cultural heritage for harmonious co-existence.
  9. Apply digital literacy skills for learning and enjoyment.



The learner can/mwanafunzi aweza: 

  1. participate in games for enjoyment, collaboration and peaceful co-existence. 
  2. identify ways through which love, and care can be extended to neighbours.
  3. make decorative paper items out of paper using folding technique. 
  4. sing a variety of age-appropriate songs in unison paying attention to accuracy in pitch and rhythm for enjoyment and self-expression.
  5. improvise rhythmic accompaniment to familiar songs using body percussion and other instruments for enjoyment.
  6. kuandika kisa kifupi kwa hati nadhifu kulingana na mada ili kujenga stadi ya uandishi.
  7. appreciate good class leadership for harmonious living.


3.1 With the guidance of parents/guardians/teachers learners will:

  1. Observe photographs or watch selected video clips of activities that can help mould a patriotic citizen for peaceful co-existence. (The teacher to provide photographs/video on activities that promote patriotism).
  2. Watch video clips from various sites on how to make hats using folding techniques.  The teacher may guide the learners on accessing the following links for illustration.  

Individually, source for paper from the immediate environment, make a hat using folding techniques and paint it using the colours of our Kenyan National Flag.

  • Mwanafunzi akiandikekisa kifupi cha uzalendo ambacho atakiwasilisha kwa mwalimu ili atathminiwe. Kisa kibainishe maana ya uzalendo, mhusika au wahusika waliotenda vitendo vya uzalendo, maelezo kuhusu vitendo hivyo vya kizalendo na funzo tunalopata kutokana na kisa hicho. (Mwalimu awaelekeze wanafunzi kutafuta makala kuhusu kisa cha uzalendo katika jamii yao. Habari za uzalendo zinaweza kupatikana kwenye makala, vifaa vya kidijitali au kutoka kwa simulizi za mlezi au mzazi.)
  • With the guidance of teachers/parents/guardians, learn different Kenyan patriotic songs for presentation in groups of 10-15. (Kenyan patriotic songs could be sourced from various online platforms. Please note that this excludes the Kenya National Anthem.)
  • Improvise rhythmic accompaniment to the patriotic songs using body percussion and other instruments. 
  • Identify, practice and perform a Fun game that will promote peaceful co-existence.
  • Collect some items that can be offered to the needy and less fortunate within the local community. (Schools should not solicit for money from parents/ guardians for this sub task. The teacher to guide the process of identifying the needy and sharing of the items).
  • Collect photographs/pictures/ video clips / audio clips of acts that portray patriotism.
  • Listen to the talk given by the invited leader from the community, take notes and prepare charts bearing messages of leadership qualities that promote patriotism. 

3.2 The school will organize for a Fun Day where Grade 3 learners will: 

  1. Sing the Kenya National Anthem at the beginning of the fun day event.
  2. Display charts bearing messages of leadership qualities that promote patriotism. 
  3. Present the various patriotic songs (in groups) to entertain the audience attending the fun day. The paper craft hats should be worn during the presentation.
  4. Play the fun games previously prepared to entertain the audience.
  5. Showcase their assessment portfolios.

3.4 Core Competencies Targeted  

  1. Communication and Collaboration as learners work in groups and participate in Fun games.
  2. Creativity and Imagination as learners make paper craft hats, write down story on uzalendo, performing the patriotic songs and as they write down points on qualities of good leadership.  
  3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving as learners identify the needy and collect items to assist them.
  4. Digital literacy as learners watch video clips and collect information using digital devices.
  5. Self-efficacy as learners make various presentations. 
  6. Learning to learn as learners prepare and rehearse for the Fun day activities.

3.5 Link to Values  

  1. Responsibility as learners observe safety measures during fun day activities.
  2. Love and unity as learners care for the needy by donating items.
  3. Patriotism as they perform patriotic songs.
  4. Co-operation as learners participate in Fun day activities and sing patriotic songs.
  5. Respect as learners practice songs and participate in Fun games.

3.6 Link to PCIs

  1. Citizenship, Life Skills, Health Education as learners sing patriotic songs, participate in fun games and making hats.
  2. Community Service Learning as learners identify the needy in the local community and collect items to help the needy.

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