Knec delay in paying supervisors, invigilators explained

Knec delay in paying supervisors, invigilators explained

The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) is yet to pay its contracted professionals who manned the last KCPE and KCSE exams.

The contracted professionals include Centre Managers (Principals and Head Teachers), Supervisors, Invigilators and Security Personnel charged with manning the national exams.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) assigned 242,406 teachers national exam supervision and marking duties.

So far Knec has only paid teachers who were involved in the marking of KCPE and KCSE exams.

For KCPE, teachers only marked Insha and Composition papers. The marking of multiple-choice questions were made easier by the acquisition of the modern Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) which electronically scored the papers.

The delay in payment has led to frustrations and protests from teachers who supervised and invigilated the exams.

The teachers are wondering why Knec is taking time paying them yet the KCPE and KCSE results were released long ago.

In February Knec had warned that it will only make payment to those who officially register their details on the Cp2 platform.

Treasury CAS Eric Wafukho however says there should be no panic as everything will be taken care of.

Wafukho says the government through the Treasury rolled out financing of the whole examination activities including paying teachers, drivers and security personnel and they expect that the process will be smooth.

However he says all logistics must be followed before all this happens.

Initially there were rumors that the government coffers are dry and that it could not meet the obligation of paying teachers who manned the exams.

According to payment details released by the Council, primary school heads who act as Centre Managers for the KCPE exams pocket a daily subsistence allowance of Sh500 for a total of 4 days including rehearsal day.

Secondary school Principals on the other hand, earn a daily allowance of Sh500 for 18 days.

The highest paid Supervisor walks away with a sum total of sh12,510 while the highest paid invigilator gets sh 9860.

The examiner does not pay deputy head teachers and principals despite being present at the school present during the examination period as assistant Centre Managers.

Knec also does not include for payment teachers handling science subjects who prepare and administer practicals during the KCSE examinations.


Contracted ProfessionalExamRegionPay Per DayTotal Days engagedTotal Pay
Centre ManagerKCPEAll RegionsSh5004Sh2,000
Centre ManagerKCSEAll RegionsSh50018Sh9,000
InvigilatorsKCPEAll RegionsSh5383Sh1,615
InvigilatorsKCSENairobi & MombasaSh58017Sh9,860
InvigilatorsKCSEOther RegionsSh46017Sh7,820
SupervisorsKCPEAll RegionsSh6214Sh2,485
SupervisorsKCSENairobi & MombasaSh69518Sh12,510
SupervisorsKCSEOther RegionsSh63018Sh11,340
Security OfficersKCSEAll RegionsSh42016Sh6,720
DriversKCSEAll RegionsSh40516Sh6,480

A total of 70,486 teachers who were vetted by the by the Commission administered the KCSE examination.

A total of 831,015 candidates registered for the KCSE examination which were administered in 10,413 centres.

The examination papers and other materials were served from 483 distribution centres.

The council registered 1,225,507 KCPE candidates in 28,316 examination centres which were served from 491 distribution centres.

Knec merged centres that had less than 30 candidates to cut down on the cost of logistics. This affected 151 centres whose candidates were hosted elsewhere.

Knec had invited teachers in March to apply for the marking exercise. KCPE examiners were to apply from 4th March while those marking KCSE from 14th March.

Knec trained another batch of examiners for marking of KCPE and KCSE exams in October last year.


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