Kilifi North MP releases kshs 13 million to pay BOM teachers salaries

Kilifi North MP releases kshs 13 million to pay BOM teachers salaries

Another relief for BOM teachers after Kilifi North MP Mr Owen Baya issued bursaries worth kshs 13 million specifically for paying BOM teachers and support staff salaries.

” ….We issued bursaries worth kshs 13 million. This will go a long way to offset debts for BOM teachers salaries and support staff pay. This Covid thing requires concerted efforts to help the community. Thank you all principals who attended” said the Kilifi North MP.

This comes at a time when teachers are faced with huge debts and inability even to pay for basic needs like rent and food.

In one week two teachers have been reported to have committed suicide after harsh prevailing conditions that made them unable to pay for basic needs.

Two weeks ago Nakuru governor announced that he will lead the effort to support BOM and private school teachers in the county.

“The prevailing economic hardships occasioned by COVID-19 have adversely affected the teaching fraternity in private schools.

With students at home and fees no longer forthcoming, private schools are unable to sustain their workforce.

For this reason, there is compelling need to address this category of workers in our society.

In Nakuru, we shall work with the private schools to profile the most vulnerable and mobilise support to cushion them during this time.

Nakuru has many private schools that have contributed immensely to the education of our residents.

It is time we stand with the teachers. No teacher should go hungry while we watch” the governor said in support of BOM and private school teachers.

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