KESSHA and KEPSHA jointly calls for absorption of intern teachers in current schools

KESSHA and KEPSHA jointly calls for absorption of intern teachers in current schools

On behalf of KESSHA (Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association) and KEPSHA (Kenya Primary Schools Heads Association) members we take this opportunity to thank the Commission for the recruitment of teachers for both secondary and primary (5000 posts and 1000 posts respectively).

Our concern is the employment of intern teachers.

The good intention the Commission had with the recruitment of this cadre of this may not be realized going by the guidelines issued on the recruitment of teachers TSC/Adm/192A/VolIX/88 Circular No. 10/2020 dated 1st September 2020.

Madam the intern teachers were recruited in the schools to address the needs in particular school, they went through the recruitment process and qualified.

While the guidelines allocate more marks for intern teachers, their subjects were not advertised in the schools they were recruited and this will make them seek recruitment in schools where their teaching subjects have been advertised and hence creating a gap in the first school again.

We propose that intern teachers be absorbed directly in their current stations since they had already gone through the recruitment process.

Absorbing them will also act as a motivation to future intern recruitment.

We further propose for future recruitment, let schools that had intern teachers have those subjects advertised to facilitate smooth absorption on permanent and pensionable terms,

We look forward to your guided wisdom on this matter and on future recruitment process.

Yours sincerely.







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