Kenya High School proves academic prowess as it ranks first position nationally

Kenya High School proves academic prowess as it ranks first position nationally

Top performers at the Kenya High School on Monday celebrated good results after scooping seven out of 15 top positions in the 2020 KCSE exams.

The students, who were accompanied by their parents and teachers, attributed the good performance to hard work and their faith in God.

Kenya High School, an academic giant, scooped top honours nationally with a mean score of 10.46. With 315 candidates, 76 posted As to rank the school first, including in the number of the top grades.

She always knew that she would do well, but Esther Wachuchu did not expect to get an A plain of 87 points.

Wachuchu said although she had prepared herself well, the Covid-19 outbreak distracted her due to uncertainty. 

“I knew for sure that I would do well, just not this well,” she told the Star.

The second born in a family of five said she expects to pursue a career in biomedical engineering having scored As in all sciences.

Wachuchu was among seven Kenya High School students who were listed among the 15 top candidates nationally.

Her mother said as parents, they regularly talked to and encouraged their children to keep studying on their own.

“We told them the Covid-19 [pandemic] is not specific for them and that life would go back to normal. We also encouraged them to work hard,” she said.

“She performed beyond our expectations, we are honoured as parents,” she added.

Ashley Wahu scored an A- of 80 points. Wahu said she hopes to study medicine.

“I have a passion for biology and to help. I really wanted to get an A plain but I’m happy with what I got,” she said.

The 18-year-old attributed her great performance to putting in extra work and self-determination.

Her mother, Anne Mararo, said she expected the results as her second-born daughter has always been hard-working.

“She has really worked hard for it. She scored a straight A in Chemistry, which she thought would fail her,” Mararo said.

The mother also said Wahu did a lot of revision and had group discussions when schools closed.

“She is brilliant. In primary school, she scored 410 at Camel View Primary.

Mercy Etemesi, who wants to become a doctor scored an A of 84 points.

Her twin brother at Nairobi School also scored an A- of 80 points and wants to be a computer scientist.

Their mother, Milka Etemesi, said she knew her children would do well since they had a record of good performances.

“Their performance has been consistently good. Mercy is self-driven, focused, and got a lot of support from her teachers and us,” she said.

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