Joy as 900 ECDE teachers in Kisii start to get pnp jobs after 10 year contract

Joy as 900 ECDE teachers in Kisii start to get pnp jobs after 10 year contract

The Kisii county Public Service Board (PSB) has started the process of moving over 900 Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers who are on contract to permanent and pensionable terms (pnp).

The teachers will be issued with letters of permanent and pensionable employment once the process is complete.

This is after Governor Simba Arati ordered the teachers to be confirmed on pnp terms with immediate effect.

ECDE is an integral part of the development of children both psychologically, academically and socially.

The well-being of the teachers, the governor noted, opens a new chapter aimed at improving services and performance in the early years education sector.

“Indeed, you are the ones tasked to train the young children you receive, at an early age, through the basics of education and life skills. This is a special and honourable responsibility,” said Mr Arati.

The employment of ECDE teachers on better terms is one of the promises Mr Arati made during the campaigns, underscoring the department as one area he is keen to see improved, through the equipping of centres, facilitation and better remuneration of teachers.

“Equally, the last time we met, eight months ago, I promised you that your terms of service will be considered for alteration, from Contract to Permanent Establishment, once we have a new County Public Service Board in place,” he noted.

Mr Arati said the Kisii County Public Service Board is now in office and the first item on their in-tray is to expedite the review of the engagement of the ECDE teachers, for possible placement on favourable terms in permanent employment.

“All pending matters involving ECDE teachers are to be addressed, including the establishment of a scheme of service for ECDE teachers to streamline operations,” ordered Governor Arati.

The county chief noted that the ECDE teachers have been on contract for the last 10 years and the previous administration did little to improve the terms of service.

He said, “I once again thank our teachers for remaining patient and sticking to the cause. The resolve to consider having ECDE teachers absorbed in Permanent terms is a clear demonstration that as County Government we are committed to offering quality education to the young learners to give them a solid foundation for their future wellbeing.”

The county has a population of over 70,000 ECDE learners admitted in 703 centres across the county, with over 900 teachers.

On average, the county government annually allocates over Sh600 million to the Department of Education to facilitate ECDE programs including salaries for administrative staff, teachers, materials and infrastructure development.

Governor Arati said they had already embarked on the construction of modern ECDE classrooms throughout the county in a bid to establish more modernised centres.

“Our focus is to improve the facilities into all-round state of the art ECDE centres equipped with teaching aids, TV sets, play equipment, napping areas, and all basic amenities required in child development, including a sustainable nutrition program,” he noted.

He added, “We endeavour to offer on-job professional development and capacity building of ECDE teachers and the administrative staff in the department, for personal development and to conform to the Competence Based Curriculum.

The governor added that as part of his administration’s resolve to address all pending staff matters, the Public Service Board has also been tasked to consider the case of the nurses who were dismissed from service in unclear circumstances, about two years ago.

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