PS Kipsang asks Senate to help better salaries of ECDE teachers

PS Kipsang asks Senate to help better salaries of ECDE teachers

The Ministry of Education has urged the Senate Committee on Education to ensure Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) teachers are well remunerated.

 Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang said the teachers play a critical role at the pre-primary and also need to be well facilitated.

Kipsang said ECDE teachers have a major responsibility of preparing and shaping learners for their future education.

“As you undertake your oversight role, we are asking you to negotiate on behalf of the ECDE teachers of this country with the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) so that they can be paid what they deserve,” said Kipsang.

He said the work done by ECDE teachers cannot be compared to other levels of education because they are the first to interact with and induct every child into the school life journey. 

The PS said the ongoing debate on pay cuts that affect the ECDE teachers is a concern that should be given special attention to ensure they get better pay.

 Kipsang made his remarks while making a presentation on Kenya’s Education Architecture, and legal and policy framework to the Fourth Senate Standing Committee on Education during a consultative induction retreat held in  Naivasha.

He told the committee that the country must invest in quality ECDE and protect the interest of teachers.

“According to research providing quality ECDE reduces the cost of education by 15 per cent for a country,” the PS added.

He also said there is an urgent need for both levels of Government to harmonise and come up with one scheme of service for ECDE teachers across all counties.


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