I will deal with corrupt education officials and people sleeping with school girls, Magoha

I will deal with corrupt education officials and people sleeping with school girls, Magoha

Education Cabinet Secretary nominee George Magoha has said he will deal ruthlessly with corrupt officials and people who prey on children, if appointed.

Prof Magoha (pictured) also assured that he would immediately push for the implementation the Competency-Based Curriculum from Grade IV upwards, and end examination irregularities. However, he told the MPs not to approve his appointment if regional and ethnic balance would supersede merit.

Magoha, who is the current chair of the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec), warned teachers and others who prey on students that he would not spare them. 

On the Competency-Based Curriculum, the former University of Nairobi vice chancellor told the lawmakers that it was the remedy for competences and skills employers look for in potential workers.

At the same time, Magoha also asked parents and guardians to create time and talk to their children, especially girls about their sexuality in order to reduce teenage pregnancies.

“It is important for the discussion to start at home. Pray that I don’t get that a girl as young as nine years old is impregnated by you. Parents and guardians have a duty to talk to their children,” said Magoha.“I am not afraid of anyone, my courage must come from God because if I find you earning money that is not yours, I will take it, that is your choice. If you are required to earn a wage you should work for it.”

On the current debate on increasing university tuition fees, Magoha did not mince his words and told the legislators that it was long overdue “so that institutions can stay afloat and offer meaningful research”.

When asked about criticism that he was mechanical and dictatorial in his governance, Magoha retorted that he is a top-grade professor who believes in completing what he starts.“I am a surgeon, I identify the problem then deal with it and leave. If that’s what you call mechanical then that’s fine,” he said. He assured that he will succeed at the ministry as failure has never been in his vocabulary.

“Everything I touch is a success. I have never known failure and I don’t believe I will work alone,” said Magoha.

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