Gvt new safety measures for schools starting today

Gvt new safety measures for schools starting today

The government has set up a joint command center to oversee the full reopening of schools set for today Monday across the country. 

The command center will monitor the situation in schools which will receive real time information. 

This comes as the Ministry of Education puts in place stringent measures to protect learners, teaching and non teaching staff from contracting the virus. 

The question of achieving social distancing in schools remained a thorn in the flesh with education CS Prof. George Magoha urging teachers to be ingenious, adding the government has since increased the number of desks to schools.

Speaking in a press briefing after a Consultative meeting with a section of top government officials at Kenyatta International Conference Center earlier Sunday, Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha assured Kenyans that the government has made all efforts to ensure safe re-opening for all learners on January, 4, 2021.

“Measures for the safe re-opening of all institutions have been informed by the important lessons learnt from the partial re-opening of schools for learners in Grade 4, Class 8 and Form 4, CS Education”, Prof. George magoha said.

Other measures in place include prohibition of non-essential visits to schools by parents/guardians and any visits to schools shall be recorded.

Principals and headteachers have been directed to maintain a register of all sick pupils/teachers and notify the county health department of any illness whether moderate or severe.

Teachers and other staff aged 58 years and above or have pre-existing conditions are expected to work remotely.

All extracurricular activities such as sports, drama, prize giving day and music involving more than one school have also been banned for three months. 

Schools will resume to complete the 2020 academic calendar with term two set to run for a duration of 11 weeks from 4th of January to 19th March, term 3 will begin on 10th of May to 16th of July. 

The 2021 calendar shall commence on the 26th of July, to 1st October and will be 10 weeks long.  

Term 2 shall begin on the 11th of October to 23rd December and will be 11 weeks long; Term 3 will begin on 3rd of January for 9 weeks to end on the 4th of March.

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