Governor Kibwana urges Senators, MPs to push for teachers pension

Governor Kibwana urges Senators, MPs to push for teachers pension

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana has urged senators and MPs to push for retired teachers’ pension.

Kivutha said about 50,000 teachers have been fighting for 42.3  billion for 16 years and the High Court last year ordered the payment of the said amount.

Speaking at Kyanzuki village in Makueni County during the burial of retired teacher Nathan Ngaanga, Kivutha expressed his worry on how such many teachers could not be enjoying their pension just like any other civil servant.

Ukia ward MCA Japheth Katumo, however, observed that over 2000  retired teachers have died without enjoying their pension. He added that teachers devoted and worked tirelessly, therefore, should enjoy their pension immediately after they retire.

“Teachers have been fighting for 42.3  billion which the High Court gave a nod to.  Funny enough TSC says the teachers will only be paid 16.7 billion. Could you kindly solve this and do what is necessary to our retired teachers,” said Katumo.

Despite retired teachers’ claim, TSC earlier this year, claimed only 16.7 billion were set aside for pension payment and not salary arrears.

Further, it stated out of the 52,000 teachers only 20,229  of the teachers appear on the TSC list of payment.

Teachers to be awarded are those who retired between 1 July 1998 and 30 June 2003.

Those who retired  before 1 July 1998 are not supposed to claim anything.

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