Missing form 2 student of St. Stevens girls in Machakos found

Missing form 2 student of St. Stevens girls in Machakos found

The Form Two student who had gone missing from St Stevens Girls High School in Machakos has been found.

The 16-year-old girl showed up at their home on Wednesday after missing for the last three months after being sent away from school over lack of school fees.

“Alitoka hapa March 19 nikaacha kama ameingia kwa bus kuenda shule. But siku ya kuwa karibu kufunga shule, nkapigia mwalimu kujua wanarudi lini, ndo akaniambia msichana hajawahi fika shule,”said the girl’s mother Mary Mukami.

Concerned, the mother opted to visit the school to know what exactly transpired and why the school never informed her that her daughter never turned up on reporting day.

“Nilifika huko wakakataa kunifungulia gate, na hawaniambii ni nini shida,” added the mother.

But upon her visit to the school in the company of journalists, Mukami says she realised her daughter was sent home due to lack of fees — information that she got from her daughters’ schoolmates, and which her daughter also confirmed.

Details of what might have gone wrong as soon as she left the school gate or what those three months still remain scanty.

All her mother knows is that her daughter came back having no recollection of the last three months.

“Nimefurahi lakini sitamrudisha huko acha aende shule penye namuona,” added the mother.

Even as investigations continue into the assault of media professionals who visited the school to understand the case of the missing child, the school remains closed until June 11.

The school principal has since been arraigned and charged with among other counts incitement and arson.

He denied the charges and was released on a bond of Ksh.1 million and surety of the same amount pending the pre-trial mention on June 18, 2019.

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