Fee structure for September P1, ECDE teachers Diploma upgrade out

Fee structure for September P1, ECDE teachers Diploma upgrade out

The fee structure for PTE teachers to upgrade to the new Diploma Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) is finally out.

Last month Education Principal Secretary, Julius Juan, asked applicants who wish to be considered for admission in Teacher Training Colleges for upgrading from Certificate ECDE and Primary Teacher Education (PTE) to Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (DECTE) and Diploma Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) to apply.

However the Ministry of Education said the upgrade Diploma program due for advertisement will be for the trained teachers who are not in service and wish to upgrade from ECDE Certificate to Diploma in  Early Childhood Teacher  Education (DECTE) and from Primary Teacher Education Certificate to Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) respectively.

All teachers in service with Teacher Service Commission (TSC), County Governments and Private Schools will be  expected to start the blended upgrade program when the school calendar normalizes having been disrupted by COVID 19 Pandemic.

This means the P1 and ECDE teachers who are yet to be employed are expected to start the upgrade program this September 2021.

Various Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) have already started to advertise for the September intake program.

The fee structure for the training has also been released for those ready to start the training that will put them at par with the coming of the new curriculum.

For ECDE teachers who want to upgrade to the Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (DECTE) they must meet these key requirements;

1.  The applicant must possess a valid ECDE Certificate.

2.  The applicant must be registered by the Teachers Service Commission.

3.  The duration of the Course shall be1890 Hours.

4.   The course shall be fully residential.

5.   The trainee shall take all courses specified in the upgrading programme of Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (DECTE).

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6.   The trainees shall undertake a Teaching Practicum of 300 Hours.

7.    To be awarded the Diploma, the trainee must complete the required hours for Course Work and pass the stipulated assessment by the Kenya National Examination Council.

8.     Applicants shall be required to produce evidence of adherence to positive moral values and good behavior.   

For P1 teachers who want to upgrade Diploma Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) they must meet the following requirements;   

1.    The applicant must possess a valid PTE Certificate

2.    The applicant must be registered by the Teachers Service Commission.

3.     The duration of the course shall be 1500 Hours.

4.      The Course shall be fully residential.

5.      The trainee shall take all courses specified in the upgrading programme of Diploma in Primary Teacher Education

6.      The trainees shall undertake a Teaching Practicum of 300 Hours.

7.      To be awarded the Diploma, the trainee must complete the required hours for Course Work and the stipulated assessment by the Kenya National Examination Council.      

8. Applicants shall be required to produce evidence of adherence to positive morals and good behavior.

Teachers were asked to get Application forms on the Ministry of Education website www.education.go.ke.

“The forms can be downloaded from the Ministry website or hard copies are available in the County Directors of Education (CDEs) offices at no cost,” said Juan.

He said duly filled application forms should be submitted to the Sub County Director Education offices from Thursday 29th July to 13th August, 2021 by the applicants in person. 

Nakuru Teachers Training College is the latest TTc to advertise for the September upgrade intake.

Below is the fee structure and requirements for joining Nakuru Teachers Training College released recently for teachers to apply.

Click here to Download admission letter for Nakuru TTC.

Kindly note that Nakuru TTC is a private college and the fee is expected to be lower for public colleges.


TERM  1ADMISSION FEE TUITION & BOARDING FEE  2,500/=                                    31,000/=  
 TOTAL – TERM  133,500/=
 TOTAL  TERM  223,000/=
 TOTAL  TERM  323,000/=
   GRAND  TOTAL  79,500

Registration of students is done at the college Registrar’s Office between 8.00 am to 4.00 p.m. on working days only.


The College is in Nakuru County, Rongai Sub- County.   From Rongai Junction, the college is about 2 km towards Nakuru Town (Right Hand side) and about 20km (twenty kilometers) from Nakuru Town along the Nakuru – Eldoret Highway.


On the admission day, you are required to bring

  2. This original admission letter
  3. Originals and 3copies of each academic certificate,
  4. Original and three (3) copies of National ID Card,
  5. Original and three (3) copies of Birth certificate
  6. Original and 2 copies of marriage certificate (for married women only) and
  7. 2 recent taken color passport size photographs
  8. The attached medical report duly filled and signed by a Government Medical Doctor in a Government Hospital. (Note that declaration of your medical condition will not bar you from admission)


  • 2 blankets, A pair of bed sheets, Mattress-3″, Bedcover (Pink for ladies and light green for men) and Mosquito nets.
  • A Pillow, Plate, Mug and Spoon
  • Enough decent clothes in good condition for your own personal use.
  • A Towel, Washing bucket/Basin and Pegs,
  • Six cloth hangers.
  • 2 pairs of Socks (white for ladies and grey for men)
  • A pair of black shoes, white rubber shoes for Physical Education lessons and slippers
  • At least six toilet paper rolls, soap, toothpaste and other essentials.
  • Two small padlocks for your desk/locker in the classroom and suitcase in the hostel.
  • Mattress / Bed sheets are available in the college at reasonable prices


  • Printed, Twenty 200 pages A4 exercise book  (One squared) with College Logo and Name, to be purchased from the college store.
  • One graph exercise book of 96 pages
  • Two reams of Photocopy papers -A4
  • One ream of Foolscap Papers
  • Mathematical set (Oxford) ruler, pens, rubber and pencil
  • Stencil Ruler
  • Two Spring files
  • Scientific calculator

The college has a dispensary with a qualified clinical officer. Minor health cases are diagnosed and treated here. For any specialized medical treatment the student shall meet their expenses individually.

  • DIET

The college provides an average balanced diet set by the management of the College.  Where a student requires a special menu from the existing college menu on medical or any other grounds, such diet may only be made on request, based on the availability on advance payment of extra costs involved in providing such a special diet by the student. Any allergy towards the consumption of food should be clearly indicated by a medical doctor in Section ‘B’ of the Students Medical Report.


All the trainees are expected to fully participate in all the programmes of training. These programmes include classroom lessons, games and sports, physical education, cleaning and other duties which may be assigned to trainees by the college administration from time to time.  Where this is not possible on medical grounds, this must be recorded in the medical form with explanation on reporting date accompanied with the doctor’s letter.  The college management shall make a final decision regarding each individual student’s case.


The college shall supply uniform to the students as follows:-

  • 2 Skirts and 2 blouses for female students
  • 2 Pairs of trousers and 2 shirts for male students
  • A tie, sweater, track suit

Students are expected to be in full uniform on

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Special occasions/College functions
  • During Teaching Practice
  • College outing


The college has a set of rules and regulations that govern the day to day running of training programmes and these have to be followed by all the students.  A copy of these rules shall begiven to the student on registration day.  Any breach of College rules/regulations shall result in stiff penalties


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