Emotional: ECDE teachers fundraise to give colleague retirement package

Emotional: ECDE teachers fundraise to give colleague retirement package
Kunnopet Chairman Lawrence Otunga with Embu county Kunnopet officials in Embu

The teachers were touched by the story of their aged colleague which prompted them to come together and contributed through a paybill number to support her on her way to retirement.

Through their union Kenya Union of Pre-Primary Education Teachers (KUNNOPET) and led by their Chairman, Lawrence Otunga, the teachers contributed a total of sh 42,500.

Teacher Elizabeth Wangari was a practicing ECDE teacher in Molo in Nakuru county and has served a period of thirty five years training the young ones.

She used to earn a salary of sh 250 when she started her career but this amount rose steadily to sh 5,800 by the time she was retiring.

Despite putting her all to see a bright future in Kenyan children, teacher Wangari, whose story is one of many other Early Year Education teachers, is going home empty handed.

Contribution for teacher Wangari started in February after her story was first aired through Kameme TV station.

Emotional: ECDE teachers fundraise to give colleague retirement package
Teacher Elizabeth Wangari

Kunoppet Chairman said they will use Wangari’s story to create more awareness on plight of ECDE teachers.

The teachers had targeted to raise a total of sh 40,000 but this amount surpassed by sh 2,500 to hit a new total of sh 42,500.

The teachers said they will use the total collection to buy their colleague a dairy cow to support herself with during her retirement life.

However the story is ECDE teachers is gradually changing since the coming of devolution.

Last month the Senate gave 47 county governments a maximum of two months to increase the salaries of their 42,700 ECDE teachers.

This move forced Governors through their umbrella Council of Governors (CoG) to come up with a new Scheme of Service for ECDE teachers.

In the new scheme of service each county has proposed the amount in salaries and allowances it will pay its ECDE teachers starting May or by latest July.

Though this is good news to most ECDE teachers in counties, some of the teachers said the new scheme of service will impact them badly by reducing their already fattened salaries.



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