Dr. Nancy Macharia: Happy Mashujaa Day to all teachers

Dr. Nancy Macharia: Happy Mashujaa Day to all teachers

On behalf of TSC I wish all teachers a happy Mashujaa Day.  

On this occasion, we celebrate our freedom heroes whose sacrifice  earned  us the  freedom we enjoy today.  

The fact that  this year’s Mashujaa Day comes amidst the Covid-19 pandemic  should not dampen  our spirit.

Indeed, the pandemic has brought  out amazing  creativity in our teachers who have continued building the nation  in these extraordinary times.

The Commission notes with great appreciation that our teachers have been sharing Covid-19 safety messages with their leaners and communities over the last seven months.

Besides, many teachers  have been engaging learners  with  lessons, life skills and guidance and counselling sessions either online or face to face where conditions permit.

This is not only heroism but also patriotism. I sincerely thank you for this.

As we embark on the phased reopening  of schools, I encourage you to play your part as a societal role model more prominently.  

Many people in and out of school will always remember to wear face masks, wash  their hands and keep social distance when they see you doing so.  

Our  freedom heroes fought a different battle and gave us independence, you and I are the champions  who will crush  the  Covid-19 pandemic.  

In fact, a teacher’s awesome influence is captured by American  historian Henry B.  Adams in his famous quote:  

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”  

Happy Mashujaa Day.




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