CS Magoha blames Kenyan researchers for hiding critical Covid-19 data

CS Magoha blames Kenyan researchers for hiding critical Covid-19 data

Education CS George Magoha on Monday, November 9, said that local scholars and researchers have done minimal research since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in Kenya.

Speaking during a conference on the Importance of Coordinated Approaches in Combating Covid-19, Magoha faulted scholars for not researching on practical solutions and innovations.

“Why are you not researching and giving Kenyans information on Covid-19? Why can’t someone even just research on why Kenyans are not wearing masks properly and give a solution?” he asked.

Magoha stated that the researchers mostly prepared papers for publishing in international journals while at the same time hoarding critical information that could be used during this time.

“It is good to publish but can you also give quick findings and information that can help Kenyans now? Where are you? Why are we not hearing from you even in vernacular?” he posed.

The Education CS added that most universities and research institutions did the right thing theoretically but not practically.

“We get everything correct theoretically but when we measure the effects of what has been done, it is zero,” he added.

He asked the scholars not to wait for funds from the government in order to start their research.

The CS added that research money would only be given to researchers who pitches would be considered serious.

“If you have been waiting for government to allocate two per cent of the GDP towards research for you so that you start doing something then that is stupid,” he stated.

Magoha was backed by the Kenya National Academy of Sciences chairman Raphael Munavu who urged research scientists to release their findings fast.

“Do not wait for research publications. Share your output as quickly as possible,” Munavu stated.

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