Circular to all public officers seeking extension of retirement age

Circular to all public officers seeking extension of retirement age

All Authorized  Officers


Your  attention  is  drawn to circular  Ref.  No.  OP.CAB.2/7A  dated 20    March, 2009 that  reviewed the mandatory  retirement age from  55 to 60  years with effect from 1st  April, 2009.   

The rationale for this review was largely to cushion the public service from loss of  employees with critical skills while they are still productive,  especially employees in professional and technical areas with hands-on   experience, where the government has invested considerable resources in  training and capacity building.  

Retirement at 55 years further tended to create succession gaps  in such   key areas, necessitating requests for extension beyond retirement age or re-engagement on contract.

Section 80( l)(a)  and (b) of the Public Service Commission  Act provides that a public officer shall retire  from the Service with effect from the date of attaining the mandatory retirement age, and the Commission or other appointing authority shall not extend the service of such retired public officer beyond the mandatory retirement  age.  

This provision notwithstanding, the Commission has continued to receive   numerous requests for extension of service for various reasons.

Accordingly, it has been decided that, with  effect from  1s January, 2021  the Commission  shall not approve any extension of service for officers retiring from the Service upon attainment of the mandatory retirement age of Sixty (60) years, and Sixty Five (65) years for persons with disability.   

The retirement age for academic staff of  public universities and   research scientists shall be guided by  the relevant legislation and guidelines.

In view of the foregoing, Ministries, Departments and Agencies are required to ensure proactive succession planning  for continuity in service  delivery upon retirement of officers.

Kindly bring the contents of this circular to all officers under your jurisdiction for information and implementation accordingly.


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