Bleak future for BOM teachers without TSC numbers over salary payment

Bleak future for BOM teachers without TSC numbers over salary payment

BOM teachers who have been teaching are facing a dark future over state funded salaries. The ministry of education has already ordered both primary and secondary school heads to submit data for verification and subsequent payment. However among the requirement expected to be captured and submitted to the ministry for verification is a BOM teachers TSC numbers. Most BOM teachers do not have TSC numbers due to one reason or the other. Last year TSC issued a warning to school heads for both public and private schools against employing teachers who have not been registered by the commission and also those who have been dismissed due to misconducts.

One of the Boards of Management teacher spoke to Teachers Arena expressed concerns following the ministry move to capture only registred teachers.

Stanley Kithome who also teaches at Maweni secondary school in Mombasa said its not his fault cause he is still a university student who teaches to support himself in his school based learning programme.

“Am not sure if I will be paid because my headteacher refused to capture me in the list since I dont have a TSC number. But I don’t think I should be blamed he knows that due to financial constraints am teaching also to support myself persue my academic goals at the university. Once I graduate I’ll register and be like any other registered teacher but for now the government should not punish us for lacking regisrtation,” Said Stanley.

Among the data required to be submitted by the school heads include: the name of the school, the county it belongs, the name of the BOM teachers in the school and there TSC numbers.

Completed information for each county should be submitted through email for secondary schools and email for primary schools.


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