TSC set to promote 20,000 teachers to administrative posts

TSC set to promote 20,000 teachers to administrative posts

At least 20,000 teachers are set to be promoted to managerial grades. Good news is that those in acting capacity will now be confirmed.

A fresh resolution by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) says that teachers who have been stuck at the same level for over ten years will now be promoted.

At the same time teachers holding acting positions will also be confirmed to formally hold the positions they have been sitting in for.

The teachers who are set to benefit from the promotion are those in the job group L, M, and N but who have been stagnating in one position for donkey years.

They include senior teachers, deputy principals and principals. The total number of teachers in secondary schools and colleges currently stands at 100,000.

Teachers in job group L will be promoted to M while those in group M will move to group N. Those in Job Group L holding administrative grade C5 currently take home between Sh. 49,912 and Sh. 55,644.

Starting July this year, their salaries will increase to between Sh. 55,909 and Sh. 58,171 when the third phase of their CBA is implemented. Senior headteacher, senior master II and deputy principal IV, who all fall in job group M, will also reap big during the promotions. They currently take home between Sh. 66,177 and Sh. 80,242 but come July, their salaries will rise to between Sh. 77,840 and Sh. 82,717.

Principals of secondary schools currently in job group M and N and who earn between Sh. 77,840 and Sh. 90,612 will also have their salaries raised to between Sh. 93,850 and Sh. 102,807.

Teachers serving in job group N will be promoted to job group P, which covers senior principals taking home between Sh. 99,730 and Sh. 114,632 per month. Their current administrative grade is D3.


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