TSC publishes agreement on review of CBA 2021-2025

TSC publishes agreement on review of CBA 2021-2025

On 13th July, 2021, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and the Trade Unions representing teachers in the public sector signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) covering the period between 1st July, 2021 to 30th June 2025.

The CBAs were negotiated and executed in the middle of an economic meltdown occasioned by the then ravaging  Covid-19 pandemic.

Admittedly, parties agreed to suspend the monetary component of the CBA, and review the situation once the economy improved.

It is against this background that, on the 22nd August,  2023, the Commission met with officials of all the three trade unions – the Kenya National  Union of Teachers (KNUT), Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) and Kenya Union of Special Needs Education Teachers  (KUSNET) –  to commence the review of the 2021-2025 CBA.

During the first meeting of 22nd August  2022, the TSC tabled its offer for consideration by the unions. 

To this end, the unions sought more  time to interrogate the offer and consult with their members and other internal organs of the unions to make an informed decision on the matter.

Keen to ensure industrial harmony within the sector, the parties resumed the negotiations to finalise the process that was commenced many  months ago.

After candid and sincere deliberations, we are happy to announce to the nation and our teachers that we have reached a deal.

The Commission, the KNUT,  KUSNET and KUPPET have, therefore, today  the

28th August, 2023 signed an Agreement to amend the 2021-2025 CBA. ln the agreement, teachers have secured: –

a) An increase in Basic Salary of up-to 9.5% payable in two financial years commencing on 1st July, 2023;

b) An increase in House Allowance for teachers categorised under Cluster 4 payable in two financial years with effect from 1st July, 2023.

The net effect of this is that the House allowance for Cluster 3 and 4 has been harmonized. The full harmonization will be complete In July 2024.

It is worth noting that 87% of the public teaching service are earning House Allowance under Cluster 4 category.

These are teachers stationed mainly in rural areas. The new salary structure shall be Implemented immediately in the August payroll and arrears backdated to  1st July 2023.  

We assure our teachers that they will get their pay by the end of the month.

other terms of service

Besides the benefits secured under the CBA, the Commission and the Unions have had several negotiations aimed at Improving the terms and conditions of teachers in Kenya.

As a result of these bipartisan engagements, the Commission has concluded the promotion of 14,738  teachers in August  2023 and has advertised additional 36,275 vacancies for promotions.

The objective of these promotions is to motivate teachers as they advance  in their career to Improve productivity and performance.

The Commission has also agreed to re-look at the Career Progression of SNE teachers and their workload especially those who are stationed In Special Units with a view to ensuring that they are optimally utilized.

In conclusion, the TSC wishes to thank all the three unions for hitting yet another milestone  In the teaching service.  

The unions have demonstrated restraint, commitment and good faith during negotiations. The Commission also salutes all our teachers for being committed to serve, toil and shine for the betterment of our children’s education.

The TSC thanks and honours all its teachers for the dally sacrifices they continue to make to ensure quality teaching and learning for all Kenyan children.

As the employer, the TSC assures all teachers of continued engagement through their elected representatives with a view to Improving their terms and conditions of service In the best way possible.

May God Bless teachers of Kenya


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