TSC message to 1,300 administrators issued with regret letters

TSC message to 1,300 administrators issued with regret letters

At least 1,500 school administrators who applied for promotion, attended interviews and were awaiting for promotion letters got a rude shock this week.

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) instead of issuing them with promotion letters the teachers got regret letters.

However TSC says 1,300 of the teachers issued with regret letters have another chance to apply for the position.

It is not clear why the Commission revoked their appointments yet they were confirmed and shortlisted after interviews in their counties and were only waiting for their posting.

Some teachers who were acting and looking forward to be confirmed but sadly they missed out.

TSC has directed the teachers to re-apply for the positions when a promotion advert is out.

It is not clear if TSC will handle the next teacher promotion issue after the education taskforce recommended the teacher promotion task to be handled by the Ministry of Education.

TSC data shows 3,359 public schools do not have head teachers.

Some 1,918 public primary schools do not have head teachers while another 1,441 secondary schools do not have principals.

Cumulatively, some 3,359 public primary and secondary schools do not have the much-needed institutional leadership at a time when the government is rolling out critical reforms in the education sector.

TSC first advertised for 14,738 teacher promotions in December 2022, before cancelling the advertisement.

It then called for subsequent applications in January this year, then March and another in May after failing to attract the required number of applicants.

A good number of those who attended interviews in March in their counties were posted to schools during second school term.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia has been faulting teachers for missing out on promotions and for their own stagnation.

She accused teachers of not being willing to apply for promotion opportunities in other counties.

‘‘While undertaking teacher promotion, the commission faced the challenge of “promotion based localisation” in that teacher promotion is now based on the number of vacancies in a specific county,’’ she stated.

‘‘Teachers are only competing for vacancies in their own counties as they cannot be “transferred” to other counties,’’ she told MPs when she appeared before the National Assembly Education Committee.

The TSC boss observed that early this year, the commission advertised 14,738 vacancies for the promotion of teachers to different grades to fill positions arising from exits due to natural attrition.

However, only 11,231 teachers were absorbed with 3,507 posts lacking qualified applicants. Of this, 1,021 vacancies were reserved for teachers on affirmative action.

TSC advertised for the position of chief principal, principal, deputy principal, senior master, headteacher, deputy headteacher and senior teacher for both regular and special schools.


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