TSC sends team to monitor teachers performance in schools

TSC sends team to monitor teachers performance in schools

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has unveiled a plan to visit schools to check work performance of teachers among other things.

The team made of TSC Quality Assurance and Standard Officers (QASO), TSC County and Sub County officers will move from school to school to check on quality of teachers work.

A notification from a number of TSC County Directors shows the exercise will start immediately after half term break till closing.

The team from the Commission will check on teachers preparedness and class attendance which include on whether teachers are preparing schemes of work and lesson plans, marking attendance registers and learners work as well as preparing teaching aids.

They will also check on the progress and challenges teachers are facing in conducting Teacher Performance and Appraisal Development (TPAD) in schools.

TSC is awaiting the budget for it to accomplish its mission. The Commission had asked for Sh300 million to finance field services in counties and subcounties through a report it submitted to a Parliament committee.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia said  field services are very key in the implementation of Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development. 

In her report to the Education Committee, Macharia said the services are important for Performance Contract implementation and oversight as required by section 11(c) of the TSC Act 2012.

“They play a big role in the timely dispensation of pending discipline cases and the implementation of teaching standards. The Commission requires Sh300 million to finance the programmes and activities at the county and subcounty levels,” Macharia said.

TPAD system 2 is a mechanism that allows TSC to evaluate teachers’ performance as per the agency’s set standards.

The system started officially operating in 2016 with the main aim of improving the performance of teachers and consequently, the academic achievement of pupils.

TPAD measures the quality and effectiveness of teachers using seven teaching standards— professional knowledge and application, time management, innovation and creativity in teaching, learner protection, safety, discipline and teacher conduct, and promotion of co-curricular activities.


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