Sub County Director cracks whip on school heads over BOM teachers pay

Sub County Director cracks whip on school heads over BOM teachers pay

A Sub county Director of Education has issued stern warning after numerous complains were lodged by BOM teachers over stipend payment.

Mr Machora of Kibwezi Sub county has sent the warning after complains that headteachers were shortchanging their teachers with some refusing to pay the BOM teachers.

President Uhuru Kenyatta while chairing the 5th Extra-Ordinary Session of the National and County Governments Coordinating Summit at State house, ordered Treasury CS Ukur Yatani and his Education counterpart George Magoha to work out on the technical modalities to ensure that school staff are paid immediately.

The Ministry of Education had said through a circular that it will  support  teachers employed by the Boards of Management (BOMs) as at 15th March 2020.

It also said the teachers would be supported for six months only from July to December 2020 by paying them Ksh.10,000.00 per month.

Sub County Director cracks whip on school heads over BOM teachers pay

The Ministry ordered that the teachers must sign for the money personally  and records kept for later auditing.

The payment are to be made monthly and not in advance.

Schools with BOM teachers were to receive a separate commensurate disbursement  based on the data obtained from the Teachers Service Commission  (TSC) in to their operation account.  

However only teachers with TSC numbers were to benefit from this package.

This is a notice by Kibwezi Sub county Director of Education warning school heads who frustrate BOM teachers over payment. 


Reference is made to a circular No, MOE/3/13/3 – FDSE disbursement update dated 26/8/2020 on BOM teachers’ salaries  No. (4.0 Payment of BOM teachers).

This circular stated very dearly that all BOM teachers with TC No. and who were in employment in school as from  March 2020 be paid Ksh. 10,000/= per month as government support during  this COVID – 19 pandemic  time.   

Principals were urged to pay these teachers monthly and not in advance.

The SCDE’s office has received complaints from BOM teachers about  (20) from various schools complaining that they haven’t been  paid.

The SCDE’s urgent advice is as follows;

1)   All principals make  sure  that you have paid all TSC teachers who received funds in your school accounts for the month of July to September immediately and inform my office by 30/10/2020.

2)  Don’t allow my office to follow you on your duties which are very well spelled out by MOE on COK funds to school management.

3)  If you have used the BOM teachers salaries money to pay anybody  else that is a serious offence make sure that you call the SCDE for further guidance.

4)  If you have any problems on BOM teachers pay kindly call the SCDE for guidance.

Take this circular serious and let me have a feedback by 30/10/2020 that all teachers have been paid  as per the above circular and sue the same.

MACHORA K.M.                                                            ‘




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