SRC gazettes new salaries for teachers, civil servants with arrears

SRC gazettes new salaries for teachers, civil servants with arrears

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has gazetted new salaries and allowances to paid to teachers, civil servants and other state officers.

The commission has gazetted the new salaries so that government departments which include TSC and Public Service Commission (PSC) can implement the increase.

SRC has increased salaries for state and other public officers with arrears backdated to 1st July 2023. The changes will be on August payslips.

Addressing the media on August 9, SRC chairperson Lyn Mengich said that the salary review covers both state and public officers with an intent to achieve sustainability.

Mengich said the review was based on factors including the remuneration and benefits structure considering the employees who are below the market positioning.

“Therefore, this review seeks to adjust salary structures that are below the 50th percentile so as to achieve equity and fairness through harmonization to the extent of affordability and physical sustainability,” Mengich said.

According to the commission rating, State officers are at the 45th percentile, state corporations at (89 pc), civil servants of national and county government are below(39pc), teaching services (at 36pc), public universities are (at 49pc) and other public officers at 84 percentile.

The salary increase is reviewed owing to the cost of living adjustments, and legal compliance with a statutory minimum wave among others.

“The average increase is seven to ten percent over a two-year period inclusive of the existing notch increase which averages 3 per cent annually,” she added.

In the review, for instance, Cabinet Secretaries will have their salaries increased by about 2 per cent to Sh957,000 from Sh924,000.

However, the commission retained the salaries of President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagia owing to the fact that their pay is above the marketing standards.

Earlier, President Ruto had pledged with the commission to freeze wage increases for State officers arguing it could widen the pay disparity.


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