Delocalized teachers threaten to camp outside TSC after Ruto swearing

Delocalized teachers threaten to camp outside TSC after Ruto swearing

A section of delocalized teachers have threatened to camp and protest outside the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) offices to demand for their transfer back home.

Japheth (names hidden) one of the teachers say they are tired working in counties away from their home saying this does not only affect their families but also their work as teachers.

The teachers say the will start camping outside TSC Upper Hill after Dr Willaim Ruto is officially sworn as President until their plights are addressed.

“We shall make our sufferings known to the Commission. I have six years serving away from my home county and this has not only affected my family relationship but also my economic status,” he said.

The teachers say they have been writing transfer letters many times but in futility.

“When I write a transfer letter TSC says it must have a suitable replacement for it to go through. This is not easy especially getting a suitable colleague to swap with. Each year I write a transfer letter but in vain,” said Kennedy (names hidden).

The threats come shortly after the Deputy President elect, Rigathi Gachagua, said that the Kenya Kwanza government will look into teachers salaries and delocalization deeply.

Both Gachagua and President elect, Dr William Ruto, will be sworn in on Tuesday 13th September to officially take the office mandate.

During the interview session Gachagua also said that their government will have a forum with teachers to air their issues and how they would them addressed.

He promised an end to the teachers delocalization policy which he says it is destroying families.

“We are where we are because our teachers played an important role in our earlier life. Delocalization…. is a problem it has destabilized teachers families,” said the DP.

The President elect, Dr Ruto, has in the previous talked about the policy which is affecting many teachers and how he will deal with it.

Ruto said he will stop teachers being forced to work outside their home counties. Currently the TSC has a plan to post and transfer teachers to work in counties away from their homes.

He said delocalization of teachers will be done at will with allocation of hardship allowance to teachers who will take part in it.

According to TSC policy, teachers working in North Eastern region are required to have completed at least three years before they are transferred back to their home counties.

Teachers in other regions are required to work for at least five years before they are considered for transfer to their homes.

“The teacher must have served in a station for a period of not less than three years and five years for North Eastern and other areas respectively since first appointment; unless otherwise authorized by the Commission’s Secretary,” read the new guidelines in part.

However when Ruto takes power only those willing will be delocalized. Again those who will be delocalized will be paid for it.

Ruto said he will abolish the delocalisation policy by the TSC and replace it with a programme that will acknowledge that teachers are a national resource.

He said teachers will be at liberty to choose the counties and schools they want to work for. He promised to convert the current Teachers Management Institute to the Kenya School of Education to better manage the learning institutions.

“The domesticated teacher recruitment and deployment at entry-level will be per the UNESCO teacher deployment practice which treats education as culture process conducted within a people’s culture context at the local level,” he said.

The Commission has continued to delocalize teachers with the latest being the newly recruited teachers who started to be posted this month.

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