November 19th: Court to make landmark ruling on full school reopening

November 19th: Court to make landmark ruling on full school reopening

The High Court will make a ruling on the mass reopening of schools after Justice John Makau faulted Education CS for being indecisive on reopening dates. 

On Wednesday, October 28, the judge stated that he will decide whether or not schools reopen. 

Makau added that he will make his final ruling on Thursday, November 19.

According to the judge, Magoha’s reasons to delay the re-opening of schools were not sufficient as he kept shifting his stand on the issue. 

Magoha was sued by a parent, Joseph Enock Aura, who demanded schools to reopen arguing that indefinite closure of schools was affecting students.

On October 7, Makau ordered Magoha to convene a meeting with education stakeholders including the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) ahead of reopening of schools for Grade Four, Class 8 and Form 4 students on Monday, October 12. 

The meeting was to be used to make decisions on conditions for the reopening of schools. CS Magoha, however, reiterated that all other students will stay at home after Covid-19 cases spiked. 

On Wednesday, October 28, during a tour of Muruguru Girls Secondary school in Nyeri County, he warned school heads against recalling all other students. 

“The government has not opened schools for other children whether in public, private and international schools. If anyone is bringing in more children that we had said in the beginning, we are going to react swiftly. 

“This is the last warning for whoever feels that he or she is bold enough to open schools without authority,” Magoha declared adding that Grade 4, Class 8 and Form 4 students will not be sent home despite the increase on Covid-19 cases. 

Parents have also faulted Magoha for mixed decisions on school fees, with the CS directing them to offset bills or have their children sent back home.

The CS had earlier on assured parents that no student would be chased from school. Education PS Belio Kipsang, however, clarified that parents were requested to only pay for boarding fees.

“Whatever it is that parents were spending on their children should be transferred to schools. We are only asking for the boarding fee,” Kipsang stated on Wednesday, October 28. 

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