MP opposes return of corporal punishment in schools

MP opposes return of corporal punishment in schools

Reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools is not a remedy to current schools’ unrest in the country, Bondo Member of Parliament, Dr Gideon Ochanda, has said.

According to Dr Ochanda, reverting to corporal punishment after many years of ban by the government, is retrogressive.

He said that many countries are opting for different forms of punishment or even home schooling and it will be a shame if we adopt the outdated mode of punishment in our schools.

Speaking in Bondo, the legislator criticised Education CS Prof. George Magoha for advocating for the reintroduction of corporal punishment to curb unrest in school saying the method is counter-productive.

He said that the long holidays occasioned the Corona virus outbreak exposed leaners to unlimited freedom and therefore any form of hard-line restrictions or punitive responses is likely to trigger unrest among the students.

“These students have been free for more than nine months and were even engaged in economic activities where they earned money. Now that they are back to school where they are restricted, they can easily become unruly and therefore the schools need to find alternative methods of dealing with their delinquent behaviour as opposed to subjecting them to corporal punishment which would trigger chaos,” Dr Ochanda said.

The MP further faulted the adoption of 100 per cent transition policy by the Ministry of Education, alluding that the policy has forced students of different learning capabilities to be in the same schools against the will of some of the learners.

“In this world, people are not the same. Some of the pupils would wish to join village polytechnics and other informal trainings but when forced to join secondary school, they may become restive. The government should focus on improving village polytechnics instead of pressuring pupils to join secondary schools,” Dr Ochanda noted.

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