Mass transfer loom as TSC start balancing 18,194 excess primary teachers

Mass transfer loom as TSC start balancing 18,194 excess primary teachers

Mass transfer of teachers is looming as the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) revealed that there are excess teachers in primary school arising from the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

The Commission found that the introduction of the CBC in primary and junior schools has changed staffing patterns, resulting in a reduction in the number of classrooms.

As a result, there has been a significant reduction in the need for teachers in primary schools, resulting in a surplus of 18,194 staff.

The Commission plans to redeploy these teachers across schools to ensure a more balanced and reduced teacher-pupil ratio in all institutions.

“As a Commission, we continue reviewing our systems and staffing levels at both primary and post-primary levels to ensure that teachers are equitably distributed in institutions across the country. We take note, for example, that the implementation of the CBC in our primary and Junior Schools has shaken up the staffing levels. As a result, the number of classes in the primary school level has been reduced by two classes (Standard 7 and 8),” said TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia in Eldoret during releasing of KCSE results.

The TSC boss noted that similarly, the introduction of an extra class in 2024 (Grade 8) at the Junior School level has resulted in a deficit of 42,117 staff members at this grade.

“Ideally, the number of teachers required this year in Junior School is 99,045 against the current number of 56,928. It’s heartening to know, however, that the government is progressively funding the TSC for the recruitment of additional teachers until optimal levels are achieved. In the next financial year TSC has requested funds for an additional 20, 000 teachers,” she said.

TSC’s latest revelation has created panic amongst a section of primary school teachers.

The Commission is however under pressure to effect transfer of thousands of delocalized teachers and use the same in staff balancing.

Around 26,871 teachers were seeking to be transferred back to their home counties in January. The teachers were unsuccessful in August mass transfers due to lack of suitable placements.

As of June 30, some 46,926 primary and secondary school teachers had requested to be transferred back to their home counties, but only 20,055 were transferred back.

The commission transfer policy ensures that the station a teacher is leaving has a suitable replacement and that there is a vacancy in the preferred station before effecting a transfer request.

Before a teacher is transferred TSC ensures that there are suitable vacancies, replacements and a balance of staff before the transfer is approved.

Other transfer criteria include the availability of vacancies in the proposed station, the need for replacement, existing staffing norms, medical reasons or other reasons that the TSC may consider.

Delocalized teachers can check the online TSC transfer application portal on the status of their applied transfers.

Successful teachers will have to visit their TSC County offices to pick their transfer letters and report to their new station this January.


Pending: This is displayed once the teacher’s application is successfully delivered awaiting remarks from respective supervisors.

Acknowledged: This is displayed if the teacher is eligible for transfer and awaiting the availability of vacancy and or the teacher’s suitable replacement.

Not Approved: This is same as when the teacher’s request is regretted. This is applicable if the teacher has not met conditions set as per the transfer policy for example having not served in the current station for a period of not less than five years since first appointment, lack of suitable replacement or vacancy.

Approved: This is displayed after the transfer committee approves the teachers transfer request. The teachers transfer letter is then issued through the Principal in the case of post primary institutions and through the County Director in the case of primary school.

NOTE When a transfer request is withdrawn it simply means it was not successful or was successful and a new one can now be placed.

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