Latest push for Ministry to account for paid BOM teachers salaries

Latest push for Ministry to account for paid BOM teachers salaries

CS Education Magoha latest revelation that BOM teachers have been paid have sparked a social media protest. Yesterday the CS confessed in a popular television that BOM teachers have been paid, minutes later the social media was awash with angry posts from mostly BOM teachers who claimed the CS’s statemetn to be untrue.

Today some politicians including Bonny Khalwale and Embakasi East MP Mr Paul Ongili populary know as Babu Owino weighed in on that matter.

While posting on facebook the two pushed Magoha to make public on the BOM teachers purpoted to have been paid.

“CS Magoha should come out clear on the BOM teachers he has paid,” posted Boni Khalwale.

“Dear CS Prof. George Omore Magoha, pls check your facts first before hitting the media. You said BOM teachers have been paid. They say, NOT YET. These teachers are suffering. I am informed many have been thrown out of their houses. Some have run into depression. Lying is not good,” tweeted Philip Etale who is also Director of Communications – ODM.

“Board of Management teachers haven’t been paid and are really suffering/languishing in abject poverty. Prof. Magoha should treat this as very urgent and important,” posted Babu Owino on his Facebook page.

Education CAS while Speaking through Radio Maisha interview hosted by Emmanuel Mwashumbe Mr Zacky Kinuthia said they stopped treasury from releasing money to school accounts after it was found out that the BOM list data submitted for salary payment had numerous discrepancies.

However the CAS also had assured BOM teachers that they had embarked on their own way of verification which would see them get paid after two weeks, though this has not happened.

Two weeks ago the ministry of education said kshs Sh15.4 billion had been released to enable public schools prepare for reopening in January.

Of these, Sh13.3 the ministry said will go towards arrangements for social distance, hand washing and purchase of thermo-guns in schools while Sh2.2 billion will pay salaries of teachers employed by the Boards of Management (BoM) and non-teaching staff, such as watchmen.

It also emerged that the data of 43, 000 BOM teachers submitted by TSC to the Ministry may not be accurate as some teachers had quit following the March closure of schools to contain spread of Covid-19.

A letter by TSC dated August 4 to the ministry said the data submitted reflected the pay roll status before the pandemic.

“The data being submitted was updated in February. However, to ensure accountability in case of payment of BoM teachers by the government, each head of institution should provide documentary evidence to confirm employment status of each teacher,” said Dr Nancy Macharia, TSC Secretary.

It emerged some teachers were fired or sent on compulsory leave while others decided to quit after it emerged schools may close for long.

The ministry of education is expected to come out and clear the air on where BOM teachers monies which had already been allocated are.

Below is the vote head sent to school heads which also directed payment of kshs. 10,000 as salary to BOM teachers starting August to December 2020.


The Vote head break down for the utilization of funds is as follows.

Operational Account

ItemSchoolRetainedTotal Amount
Maintenance and Improvement50000.00500.00
Other Vote heads (Personal Emoluments, EWC, Adm. Costs)3226.0000.003226.00
NHIF EduAfya00.00675.00675.00

Tuition Account

ItemSchoolRetainedTotal Amount
BOM teachers0.00750.00750.00


In January 2020, the Ministry of Education released 50% 0f FDSE funds to schools.  These funds  included  P.E funds up to June 2020.  In this regard, Ksh. 3,226 per learner should be utilized in the payment of salaries to non-teaching staff, water and electricity bills as well as administrative costs up to December 2020


Total annual allocation for Maintenance and Improvement (M&I) was Ksh.5,000 of which Ksh.4,000 was disbursed in January 2020.  

An additional Ksh. 500.00 per learner has been released  to enable  schools prepare for re-opening in January 2021 to conform to COVID-19 guidelines. Consequently,  the contents  of a circular dated 26th November 2019 on the amounts for M&I will change to Ksh. 4,500.00


The Ministry of Education  will support teachers employed by the Boards of Management (B0Ms) as at 15th March 2020 for five months  only from August to December 2020 by paying them Ksh 10,000.0 per month Each teacher must sign for the money personally and records kept for later auditing Payment should be made monthly and not in advance.  Schools with BOM teachers will receive a separate commensurate disbursement based on the data obtained from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in to their operation account


Edu Afya medical cover for students in public secondary schools is operational. Principals are required lo advise students accordingly and ofter support to learners/parents whenever  they encounter any challenge with their UPI

All principals must acknowledge receipt of funds by

(i)            issuing official school receipts to the Principal Secretary, State Department of Early Learning and Basic Education for both Tuition and Operation Accounts with copies to the Sub County Directors (SCDEs) and County Directors of Education (CDEs)

(i)           Acknowledging receipt of funds through NEMIS by uploading a copy of the official receipt or both accounts where applicable

(lii)          Providing to the County Director of Education through the Sub- County Director ol Education an allocation of funds dully signed by individual students

(iv)           Having Individual students sign form-lists that show their admission numbers and full  names as  in the admission register and the amount awarded. These lists should be attached to the payment voucher kept  in the school as per procedure and every student issued with a school official receipt for the allocation

This must be accomplished within two weeks of receipt of funds, failure to which further release of  grants to such schools will be suspended.

It is the responsibility of every County Director and Sub-County Director of Education to authenticate and monitor the accuracy of enrollment data of their schools as reflected in NEMIS.

All County Directors of Education are asked to circulate the contents of this letter to all principals of public secondary schools within their jurisdiction


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