Knec start payment of first batch of 2023 exam invigilators

Knec start payment of first batch of 2023 exam invigilators

The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) has started to pay teachers who served as exam invigilators, supervisors and centre managers in the 2023 national exams and assessments.

The payment of exam invigilators and supervisors as well as centre managers atrted yesterday Wednesday 17th January.

Details show that a good number of teachers especially those who manned the grade 6 KPSEA exams are yet to receive the payment.

Each year Knec contracts professionals to help during administering of the national exams. Contracted professionals include teachers, security personnel and drivers.

Teachers are used as exam supervisors, invigilators, centre managers and exam markers.

This year a total of 234,473 teachers were used to administer the national exams. These include the supervisors, invigilators and exam markers.

At least 1,415,315 candidates sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams while a total of 1,282,574 candidates sat for their Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA).

In secondary school a total of 903,260 candidates sat this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams.

Already the KCPE and KCSE results were released to the public. However Knec is yet to clear air on the results for the millions of KPSEA candidates.

In honor of teachers who participated in marking KCPE English Sign Language Composition and Kiswahili Insha, Knec awarded the teachers with certificates.

Being the last KCPE as the country fully shifts to Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) in primary schools Knec awarded 5,755 certificates to the examiners.

Knec also made early payment to the examiners who successfully completed marking of the KCPE English Sign Language and Composition and Kiswahili Insha.

In 2022 teachers waited for almost a year to get their dues paid by Knec. Knec had said it lacked the funds from treasury to pay the examiners.

In 2023 Knec used deputy headteachers as assistant centre managers. However Knec will not pay the deputy headteachers because it says they don’t travel to exam centres.

Knec does pay for the services offered by teachers during the examination period but only travel expenses.


Contracted ProfessionalExamRegionPay Per DayTotal Days engagedTotal Pay
Centre ManagerKCPE/KPSEAAll RegionsSh5004Sh2,000
Centre ManagerKCSEAll RegionsSh50018Sh9,000
InvigilatorsKCPE/KPSEAAll RegionsSh5383Sh1,615
InvigilatorsKCSENairobi & MombasaSh58017Sh9,860
InvigilatorsKCSEOther RegionsSh46017Sh7,820
SupervisorsKCPE/KPSEAAll RegionsSh6214Sh2,485
SupervisorsKCSENairobi & MombasaSh69518Sh12,510
SupervisorsKCSEOther RegionsSh63018Sh11,340
Security OfficersKCSEAll RegionsSh42016Sh6,720
DriversKCSEAll RegionsSh40516Sh6,480


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