Knec releases Grade 6 KPSEA results to schools

Knec releases Grade 6 KPSEA results to schools

The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) is set to release Grade 6 national exams to private and private primary schools by midday today.

After the release parents should go to the schools and ask for the KPSEA reports for their children which should be issued at no cost.

However unlike the pomp and colour that accompanied release of Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) the Grade 6 exams will have none.

During the release of KCPE exams at Mtihani House on Wednesday, December 21, KNEC CEO David Njeng’ere said that pupils would receive results of the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) exam on their school portal.

“The learners will get individual reports and all these are going to be uploaded on the school portal on January 16, 2023,” Njeng’ere stated.

He clarified that the results would not be used to place candidates in junior secondary schools but to monitor learner progress.

The KNEC Chief added that the examination body would release three reports on KPSEA: individual, school-specific and national level.

“The national report will provide feedback to educational stakeholders on areas that require intervention. It will indicate the proportion of learners at each performance level per subject where we need to do interventions.

“Each school will receive specific reports that will delineate the areas that learners had challenges so that they can continue in the journey of improvement,” he explained.

Njeng’ere maintained that the national report will be shared with the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).

In addition, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC)  and officers in the Ministry of Education will get a copy of the same to provide guidelines on the adjustments to the Competency-Based-Curriculum (CBC).

The KNEC CEO maintained that the candidates will be retained in their primary schools for their junior secondary education.

1,287,597 Grade Six pupils registered for the 2022 KPSEA national exams.

Grade 6 learners will proceed to junior secondary school domiciled inside the existing primary school.

Knec however said Grade 6 learners can transfer to a different school to join at Grade 7 under junior secondary school after receiving the KPSEA results.

Parents of the Grade 6 learners can use the KPSEA report they will be issued with later this month to seek admission to a different school.


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