Knec raises alarm over 2,000 schools with missing Grade 6 scores

Knec raises alarm over 2,000 schools with missing Grade 6 scores

At least 2,000 primary schools are yet to submit scores for Grade 6 learners, the Kenya National Examination (Knec) has said.

Knec says the schools failed to submit the learners School Based Assessment (SBA) scores which they did in Grade 4 and 5.

“It has been established that 10% of the learners that will sit for KPSEA have no SBA scores for Grade 4 (year 2020) and grade 5 (year 2021),” said Knec in a report.

This according to Knec put the learners at the risk of missing the sixty per cent of the scores that come from the School Based Assessment.

The learners will have a 60 per cent of the score coming from SBA spread over Grade Four, Five and Six and 40 per cent from the summative test called KPSEA which they will do this November.

The school-based evaluations are done in form of projects, practicals, portfolios and oral assessments to allow learners to demonstrate what they have learnt. These are executed by the classroom teachers guided by Knec.

Knec has now shared the names of the schools and the learners whose scores are missing. This data has been sent to Ministry Sub County Directors and TSC Sub County Directors through the TSC County Directors.

Knec had ordered the said schools to avail the scores by 30th October, 2022 but they failed to comply.

Now Knec has issued fresh order for the schools to submit the scores physically at Mitihani House in Nairobi latest 22nd November.

“Current grade six learners whose scores for grade 4 and 5 school based assessment scores are missing (not uploaded online), the  SCDEs are requested to view the report online, print and hand over to affected schools. The scores to be submitted to KNEC in hard copies latest by 22nd November 2022,” says Knec.

Knec has also sent a warning to schools with Grade 4 and 5 leaners whose scores are missing to ensure they are availed.

“For the lower grades (Grade 4 and Grade 5), Head of Institutions , are urgently reminded to upload the previous scores in case gaps still exist. This is because going forward from academic year 2023, no scores from a previous academic year will be uploaded in the cba portal. All the scores attained from the assessment within a particular academic year, must be uploaded within that year as per the timelines issued by the council,” says Knec.

Grade 6 learners did their last School Based Assessment from 18th July to 9th August 2022.

The learners did project assignments from 18th July and whose scores were uploaded on the Knec portal by 16th September 2022.

After completing the projects the Grade 6 learners sat for their Knec written tests from 29th August which teachers administered, scored and upload the scores to Knec platform by 16th September 2022.

The Grade 6 learners will join junior secondary in January after sitting their final KPSEA exams in primary school this year.

Junior secondary comprise of Grade 7, 8 and 9. Below are compulsory and optional subjects in junior secondary.

Compulsory subjects

1. English   
2. Kiswahili or Kenyan Sign Language for learners who are deaf         
3. Mathematics       
4. Integrated Science            
5. Health Education               
6. Pre-Technical and Pre-Career Education                  
7. Social Studies      
8. Religious Education – learners choose one of the following:            
a) Christian Religious Education 
b) Islamic Religious Education 
c) Hindu Religious Education
9. Business Studies
10. Agriculture 
11. Life Skills Education 
12. Sports and Physical Education

Optional Subjects (Minimum 1, Maximum 2)

1. Visual Arts  
2. Performing Arts  
3. Home Science  
4. Computer Science  
5. Foreign Languages:  
6. German  
7. French  
8. Mandarin  
9. Arabic  
10. Indigenous Languages
11. Kenyan Sign Language  
NB: ICT will be a delivery tool for all Subjects


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