Insider: Teachers to receive September pay unusually early as 8,000 to get payrise

Insider: Teachers to receive September pay unusually early as 8,000 to get payrise

Teachers are set to receive September salaries (popular known as white smoke) earlier this week even as they prepare to report back to their stations.

A TSC insider has revealed that teachers will receive their salaries earlier than usual so they can get prepared for Monday 28th reopening.

He said already modalities are in place for effecting payment after payroll was closed almost two weeks ago. The payment is expected as early as Thursday if all goes well. Most teachers are understood to have traveled to their rural homes and many are preparing to get back to their working stations so they can report to schools on time.

TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia issuing the directive yesterday said teachers should report back to school to prepare for the eventual reopening of the basic learning institutions between by Monday 28th of September.

“….we have deliberated on this as a committee and we are therefore asking our teachers to report back to schools on Monday 28th to prepare for the eventual opening of schools. So our teachers can report any day between now (yesterday) and Monday 28th September to prepare for the eventual reopening,” said Dr. Nancy Macharia.

However, Education CS George Magoha said the reccomendations by the committee will be tabled before a larger committee after which, the official date for school’s re-opening will be given.

In the September pay a number of teachers totaling 8,000 are set to enjoy a salary increment. They include teachers who were interdicted and have been reinstated back to payrolland those who were not captured in the July CBA promotions as well as those who missed the July automatic promotions under CPG. Among those to be promoted are teachers in grades C1 and C2, diploma and degree holders, respectively, under the Common cadre establishment. According to TSC records, there are 15,140 teachers at Grade C1 while 43,557 tutors are at Grade C2.

Though their names missed from the July 1st 2020 payroll, the effective date the fourth and final phase was implemented, which runs to June 30th 2021, the teachers will receive their benefits.

In an Internal Memo by Acting Director, Integrated Payroll and Personnel Data (IPPD), J.W. Ndege, the first group is 5,900 teachers who self-exited form Knut on the T-pay system through the Third Party self-care portal.

“Teachers in CBA 2 are migrated monthly after they self-exit on T-pay system through the Third Party self-care portal,” Ndege stated in the memo.

In the memo dated August 6th 2020 and sent to all Digit Heads, under the Human Resource Management, Ndege said that arrears accrued from July 1st 2019 are paid in the following month after migration from CBA 2 to CBA 3 or 4.

Titled ‘Emerging issues, in the implementation of CBA phase 4’ Ref No TSC/IPPD/HRM&D/OM/VOL.II/111, she states that for records that have been edited within the month of migration, the teachers are just converted but not paid arrears.

“Accordingly, attached is a list of 5,900 records of teachers migrated from CBA 2 but have not been paid arrears because the record was edited in the month of migration,” she said.

For example, a teacher in grade C5 at CBA 2 earning a monthly salary of Sh40,849 and who migrated to CBA 3 will receive Sh51,632, and this will increase to Sh62,272 on the lower side and Sh64,631 on the higher side in CBA 4.

The second group to be promoted is 1,932 teachers interdicted, and in grade B5 T Scale 5 designated as Primary Teacher II will be promoted to grade C1 T Scale 6.

They will be designated as Secondary Teacher III/Secondary Teacher III-UT Certificate/Lecturer III/Primary Teacher I.

Ndege stated that teachers who had served for three years and above on grade B5 qualified to be upgraded to grade C1 from July 1st 2020 and adopted July as their incremental month.

However, teachers under Schemes of Service (CBA) were not upgraded to grade C1.

“Similarly, teachers who qualified for upgrading but had previous discipline cases were not upgraded. These cases should be upgraded using personal files, to determine the effective date of upgrading upon completion of two years after reporting from interdiction,” she stated.

According to the Code of Regulation for Teachers (2015), the Commission may refuse to consider a teacher for promotion if the teacher has not completed two years from the date he or she was found guilty following disciplinary action.

During the period of interdiction, a teacher receives a half monthly salary, is not promoted and misses other privileges.

The lowest-paid teacher in this grade will see their salary increase from Sh21,756 to Sh27,195 per month while the highest will see their monthly salary increase from Sh27,195 to Sh33,994.

Teachers in grade C1 and C2 who are diploma and degree holders respectively must fulfil requirements as stipulated in the Teachers Career Guidelines to be promoted under the common cadre.

Under the common cadre, a teacher is automatically promoted after serving for three years and above, rather than being subjected to interviews.

Others considered are those who might possess an added advantage, based on school performance or teachers’ track record or acquisition of higher qualification.

Teachers in C1 are designated as Secondary Teacher III-UT certificate, Secondary Teacher III, Lecturer III and Primary Teacher I.

Those in C2 are designated as Secondary Teacher II-UT graduate, Secondary Teacher II, Secondary Teacher II-Technical certificate, SNE Teacher II-Primary, Lecturer II and Senior Teacher II.

2018 data indicated that are 43,557 teachers in grade C2 and 15,140 in grade C1. The lowest-paid teacher in grade C1 takes home Sh27,195 while the highest pockets Sh33,994 per month.

Once promoted to C2, the lowest-paid teacher in this grade takes home Sh34,955 while the highest will pocket Sh43,694 per month.

Those who were in grade C2 and promoted to grade C3 will see their monthly income increase to Sh43,154 for the lowest and Sh53,943 for the highest.


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