Global Teacher Prize Winner Peter Tabichi gets another recognition

Global Teacher Prize Winner Peter Tabichi gets another recognition

Former Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims(SUPKEM) Adan Wachu was on Monday sworn in as the Chairperson of the Heroes Council in a ceremony Presided over by Chief Justice David Maraga.

Wachu was sworn in together with 5 other members of the council including Global Teacher Prize Winner Peter Tabichi and Marathon World Record Holder Eliud Kipchoge.

He pledged that the Council will discharge its duties diligently and will effectively identify the right heroes and heroines in the country to be awarded and honored during national events. 

“We will be able to do justice and I am pretty sure that  within the scope of the earth we can be able to reach to who actually is the right hero and heroine in this process. In doing so, we will be interrogating our past history, past records and going to the people to interview them in order to get the right people,” Wachu said.

Chief Justice David Maraga, who presided over the swearing in, called on the members to discharge their mandates with utmost fidelity saying only those who serve selflessly and contribute immensely to the welfare of the country in their respective fields deserve an award.

“Those that you identify as National heroes and heroines must represent every piece of our nation’s noblest aspirations without being influenced unduly influenced by factors such as gender, tribe, political persuasion religion or any other factor,” Maraga said.

“You must establish a clear criteria for the selection of our heroes. How has the group or the persons you have identified as our heroes and heroines impacted the lives of others?”

Others who were sworn in include Principal Secretary Josephta Mukobe, Mau Mau veteran Gitu Wa Kahengeri and Christine Omwakwe.

The functions of the council include formulating and implementing a policy relating to national heroes, identifying, and recommending national heroes and enforcing sanctions and penalties in respect of disgraced national heroes.

the law provides that in the exercise of its functions, the Council shall have regard to patriotism, national unity, the rule of law, sharing and devolution of power as well as human dignity, equity, social justice, and inclusiveness

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