Duties and responsibilities of KCSE exam marker (examiner)

Duties and responsibilities of KCSE exam marker (examiner)

If you accept the invitation, you will be expected to report to the Chief Examiner and your roles shall include but not limited to the following:

1 Attending and participating in the briefing and coordination meetings. No examiner will be allowed to mark if he/she has not attended and participated in the coordination exercise;

2 Marking live answer scripts with accuracy through the CBS system where applicable;

3 Carefully reading and applying the Marking Regulations;

4 Observing marking discipline and actively being engaged in the work allocated to you;

5 Checking, cross-checking and transferring of marks/scores accurately from answer scripts to mark sheets;

6 Participating in the adjudication of marks captured under the supervision of your Team Leader and taking responsibility by signing on the mark sheets and the script control forms;

7 Completing claim forms for answer scripts marked and submitting the forms and answer scripts to the Team Leader before leaving the marking room;

8 Ensuring that no candidates’ answer scripts, marking scheme, question papers and/or dummies are taken out of the marking room for any reason whatsoever; and

9 Preparing preliminary reports on the work of the relevant candidates to be submitted to the Team leader for study and necessary advice given to the Chief Examiner for incorporation into the main confidential report on the work of candidates.

General Ethical Conduct expected of all Examiners: –

1 Conducting yourself with integrity, diligence, professionalism, dignity and decorum while at the marking centres;

2 Desisting from any activity which may slow or disrupt the marking exercise;

3 Being present in the marking room at all times while marking is in progress;

4 Concealing your identity as an examiner so as to avoid lobbying or influence from any interested parties;

5 Maintaining confidentiality in the assigned tasks;

6 Meeting set targets during the marking exercise;

7 Refraining from holding any unauthorized meetings. Only the Chief Examiner is authorized to call for meetings during the marking exercise; and

8 Desisting from sharing any information regarding the marking centres and the marking process with any media, on any media platform or on any social media.

Note: your future engagements in marking will depend on how well you observe the set standards , rules and regulations of marking KNEC examinations.

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