AON Minet allow teachers to change dependants by 31st December

AON Minet allow teachers to change dependants by 31st December

The teachers medical service provider AON Minet has asked teachers who want to make changes on their dependants list to do so by 31st December 2022.

AON Minet is one of the largest medical insurance providing services to over 350,000 teachers on Teachers Service Commission (TSC) payroll.

In a text message sent to teachers today AON Minet says the changes made on dependants list will take effect in the month of February 2023.

“Dear Mwalimu, You have until 31st December 2022 if you wish to change your dependants. These changes will officially take effect in the month of February 2023. Kindly login to , click on change of dependant, fill in the changes as required and attach supporting documentation. For more information call 1528,” read a message sent to teachers.

AON Minet had its three year contract extended temporarily after it ended in October this year. TSC is yet to contract a new medical insurance provider for teachers.

AON Minet, blacklisted teachers dependants when its contracted expired in October. The insurer then issued an alert to teachers to upload and update dependants details afresh on its portal.

AON Minet had also made some changes on its service provider which necessitated for fresh listing of dependants details.

The insurer dropped its service provider MEDBOOK and replaced it with Patient Service Management (P.S.M) system.

These changes called for teachers to re-upload and reenter dependants details anew on the portal.

Teachers who are yet to reupload dependants details they need to do so in order to get medical services for their dependants.

They will be required to upload a birth certificate for children below eighteen years or a birth notification for children born recently.

For married teachers they will upload a marriage certificate or a sworn affidavit. They will also be required to upload their spouses ID cards.

Teachers with children in college or university or high school who are adults with eighteen years and above are required to upload there original ID cards or school ID card as prove. For those with disabled children a disability card is required.

Teachers pay for the medical cover through their payslip deductions. TSC teachers don’t get their medical allowance which is channeled towards the cover each month.

The cover cost TSC Sh9 billion in 2019, Sh12 billion in 2020 and Sh14 billion last year. TSC had delayed to contract a new insurer for teachers over a legal tussle.

TSC was facing legal action over the award of a Sh35 billion medical insurance tender for teachers that is said to be tailored to benefit AON Minet.

Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah wanted TSC to cancel the tender that was awarded to AON Minet, which has been providing the services since 2019.

The expiring Sh35.22 billion teachers’ medical scheme is currently run by AON Minet, offering comprehensive medical insurance cover for 341,837 public school teachers.

Mr Omtatah claimed that the TSC set unreasonable conditions aimed at eliminating competition in the multibillion-shillings tender to ensure Minet retains the lucrative deal.

“I demand the immediate cancellation of this rigged tender and that the procurement of a comprehensive teachers’ medical insurance cover must be done in accordance with the provisions of Article 227(1) of the Constitution and Kenya’s procurement laws,” said Mr Omtatah.

However the aggrieved parties led by Kenya National Teachers Pressure Group (KNTPG) Chair, Martha Omolo, have withdrawn all the cases after reconciling with TSC and AON Minet.


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