14 year old boy dies after imitating suicidal act in Baringo county

14 year old boy dies after imitating suicidal act in Baringo county

A fourteen year old boy has died in Maji maji in Eldama Ravine constituency after imitating a suicidal act while playing with other children. The boy who is also a class seven pupil in Maji maji primary school was found hanging on a rope tied on a tree with a nearby neighbors who rushed to the scene to find a lifeless body after been alarmed by a twelve year old girl.

“He tied the rope to the tree then climbed up to put it around his neck and hanged. We watched but then he started to throw his legs sideways and held the rope firmly above his head. Foam was also coming from his mouth thats when I ran to inform my parents”. said a twelve year old girl who was part of the eight children playing with the boy.

The boy was playing with his colleagues who watched helplessly while he was dying.

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“It is very unfortunate that the boy lost his life while demonstrating to his collegues how suicide is done. It seems he didn’t realize the extent of the danger he was exposing himself”. Said Joseph Waweru who is also the area chief. He said that during this period when children are at home because of the coronavirus pandemic parents should be more watchful on activities there children are engaged in. He said parents should give there children tasks to avoid them been idle which could lead them astray.

This comes two days after two bodies of school going children were found inside a car in a police station in Athi River. The children, aged three and four, went missing last month.

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The body of the fourteen year old boy was taken to a nearby mogue in Eldama Ravine hospital in Baringo county. Police say more investigation will be done to ascertain more on the cause of the death.

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