13 Knut branch secretaries write to TSC over Sossion misconduct

13 Knut branch secretaries write to TSC over Sossion misconduct

Knut wrangles seem to be far from over this is after latest move by thirteen Knut branch secretaries who have defied their boss and penned a letter to TSC lamenting over his behaviour.

Knut membership has dwindled following mass exodus of members after TSC move to introduce parallel payrolls for Knut and Non-Knut members late last year.

In 2019 Knut top leadership was divided with some ganging up to oust Secretary Wilson Sossion over what they termed party dictatorship. However this attempt was unsuccessful after the Labour court upheld Mr Sossion as the legitimate Union secretary.

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Below is a letter written by thirteen branch secretaries drawn from different counties addressed to TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia.

“We, the thirteen KNUT branch executive  secretaries drawn from six regions and representing the one hundred and ten branch executive  secretaries with their mandate,  having congregated at  Nyeri  on  the  11”  day  of June,  2020  make  a  declaration  that  recognizes  ourselves  as teachers employed by the Teachers’ Service Commission and are on leave without pay.

That we are cognizant of the fact that article 41  of the constitution  of Kenya 2010 recognizes the formation, joining  and participating  in the activities  of a trade union  and sub article 4(a) and  (b)  gives  such  trade  union  the  right  to  determine   its  own  administration   programs, activities and to engage in collective bargaining with the employer.

The Kenya  National Union  of Teachers  herein referred  to  as KNUT  being  no  exception  is administered  as a public entity with rules and regulations set out in its constitution, Rules and Regulations revised  in December  2015.

The  said union  operates  within  the statutes  of the  labor relation  act, 2007.   It has a signed recognition  agreement with the Teachers’ Service Commission  as provided  for in part VII of the labor relations act, 2017.

However  our common  belief is that  it is  imperative for a trade  union  to strive to maintain industrial harmony with its relative employer for the benefit of its members.   Under Article  1 section  1     of the KNUT  constitution,  the  KNUT  is  registered  both  as  a trade  union  and  a profession organization  constituted by its rules and regulations.

In  view  of the  foregoing  particulars,  we  the  thirteen  branch  executive  secretaries  of the KNUT established under the Labour and Relations act, 2007 part III, section 25 sub section  1, 2 and 3  and being bonafide  members and elected officials  of the said union aver that we have a locus standi in this matter.   Therefore jointly  and severally  we wish to address and petition your esteemed  office.   Our petition  borders  on the conduct  of one Mr. Wilson  Sossion who purports   to  be  the   secretary   general   of the  KNUT   and  whose   actions   have   been   an infringement  of teachers’  rights to join  and remain in  the KNUT  as members,  thus adversely affecting  the  operations  of the  said  union  as enshrined  in the  Labor  relation  action  part  II section 5  subsection 2(a).

The grounds that we intend to lay and prosecute our petition are as here-under;

1.    The  petitioners   aver  that  the  Kenya  National  Union   of Teachers   has  no  political inclination  but a professional  Trade  Union  registered  under  the trade  unions Act  cap 212 laws of Kenya.

2.   The  petitioners  aver  and  support  the  continued  recognition   of the  TSC  as the  sole employer  of all the teachers  in Kenya subject  to the preamble  under the TSC Act cap 212 laws of Kenya.

3.   The petitioners  recognize  and fully support the decision  of the CEO, TSC to deregister one Mr.  Wilson Sossion as a teacher and the subsequent  gazzetement  of removal of the same  person  from  the  roll  of the teachers’  register.   In view  of this, we  invoke the provisions  of the Labor  Relations  act, 2007 part VI, section  21  subsection  1    for your reference.

4.   The NEC, by virtue of the powers  conferred  to it under Article  IX C(7) of the KNUT constitution,  has  suspended   Mr.  Wilson   session   for  a  record   three   times.     The petitioners,  however,  aver  that  the  said person  has  rushed  to  the  courts  to block  an official  activity by a legitimate  KNUT organ.   This in turn has frustrated the officials of the union together with the teachers of this country.   We do not recognize him as a legitimate  secretary   general  of the  KNUT   and  has  no  mandate  to  prosecute   any business with the TSC or any government agent on behalf of the members.

5.   The petitioners  accuse  Mr.  Wilson  of abuse  of office  contrary  to section  46 of anti corruption and economic crimes Act premised on the following grounds

(a) Embezzlement  of teachers’ strike fund amounting to 399 million.

(b) Deducting  Third  party  and  statutory  deductions  from  full  time  employees  of the KNUT and failing to remit the same to the relevant offices

(c) Failure  to  account  to  the  NEC  for  all  the  funds  received  from  donors  therefore failing to adhere to the national values and principles of governance stated in article 10 ( c)  of the  constitution  of Kenya.    Accountability,  being  one  of the  national values and principles  of governance should be adhered to.

( d) Borrowing  money from lending  banks in  form of loans  and overdrafts without the knowledge  and authorization  from the national trustees  and members  of the NEC whose functions have been clearly stated  in article IX(c) of the KNUT constitution.

(e) Arbitrary  suspending  all meetings  of the  organs  of the union  which  has rendered the  union  functionless  to  date.    The  petitioners  aver  that  Mr.  Sossion  has  been making personal decisions  on behalf of NEC  and communicating  the same to the branches.

(f)  Spending  union  funds  without  the  authority  of the  ADC  which  is  the  supreme organ  and  which  passes  the  union  budget  and  authorizes  the  expenditure  of the same.

(g) Hiring and firing of union workers  without due regard to the employment act, cap 226 laws  of Kenya.

(h) Declined to pay salaries for the branch executive secretaries  after seeking litigation from the court sitting in Nakuru.

13 Knut branch secretaries write to TSC over Sossion misconductDAMAGES CAUSED

The petitioners aver that the consequences  of Mr.  Sossion’s  actions have had adverse effects on the working conditions of teachers in the country hence causing the following damages;

1.         He  led  KNUT  delegation  into  signing  the  current  CBA  which  he  later  opposed vehemently through his personal  instigated strike  threats to the TSC.   This action in turn led to the introduction of two payrolls.

11.         The introduction of two payrolls systems led to mass withdrawal  of KNUT members. The union dues deducted  from members drastically  reduced  and this being the only source  of income  led to branches  failing to meet  their  financial  obligations  to the extent of being unable to pay salaries in  full, auctioning  of union branch properties, closing of branch offices and gross loss ofjobs.

111.          Mr. Wilson Sossion has created a lot of anarchy in the Ministry of Education.  His wild outbursts to disrupt the introduction of CBC led to some of the branch officials being victims of suspension  and dismissal.   Some have even died as a result of frustration. His wild behaviour and demeanour has caused the who education sector to be elusive since he publicly  stated that he will never work with presidential appointees  in the ministry and the TSC and other government departments.

13 Knut branch secretaries write to TSC over Sossion misconductPRAYERS SOUGHT

In the view  of foregoing,  we pray  that the following  measures  be taken  to bring  sanity  and harmony  in the KNUT;

1.         That the TSC reconsiders  its decisions to discipline  those teachers who were incited by Mr.  Sossion to disrupt the CBC training.

11.           That the TSC rescinds  the decision to introduce the two payroll  system  and put all teachers under the CPG and hence promote them to higher grades.

111.          That the TSC  kindly  sets aside the process  of online  invalidation  of teachers  from the KNUT in view of retaining  membership  as it was by the month of June 2019.

iv.      That the TSC  stops further engagements  with Mr.  Wilson  Sossion on behalf of the teac.;hcrs  since  they  have  lost  confidence   in  him  and  further  ceased  to  be  the substantive   secretary   general  of the  KNUT   immediately  his  removal   from  the teachers’  register was gazetted.

v.      That the CEO kindly  facilitates  to meet the representatives of the branch executive secretaries  who details  are annexed hereto to pave way for further negotiations  that will cultivate  industrial harmony  between KNUT and TSC.

13 Knut branch secretaries write to TSC over Sossion misconductCONCLUSION.

The TSC and KNUT  have over the years enjoyed  a very cordial  relationship  with one single objective  of improving  the standards  of education  in this country.   This situation  changed  the moment  one Mr.  Wilson  Sossion grabbed  KNUT  leadership  as the Secretary  General through the back  door.   

With  the  continuous  online  invalidation  of membership from the union,  the life  of KNUT  hangs  on  the  balance.    KNUT  is  a potential   employer   who  employees  are currently   undergoing   insurmountable  challenges.     We  therefore   kindly   request   for  your immediate  indulgence  to save  the  situation.   Annexed  Hereto  is  a signed  list of committee members  drawn  from  all regions  and representing  the one hundred  and ten branch  executive secretaries”

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