Knut wrangles: Sossion thwarts attempts to install new leader

Knut wrangles: Sossion thwarts attempts to install new leader

There was drama at Knut headquarters yesterday when an attempt to replace Knut Secretary General failed. Yesterday news went round that Wilson Sossion had replaced with his assistant Hesbon Otieno after seventeen NEC members who met in Nairobi unanimously endosed Hesbon to be SG in acting capacity.

There are a total of 110 Executive Secretaries but only 17 met yesterday at around 2:30 pm and passed the decision to oust the current Knut SG. Already Sossion has called for NEC meeting to be held on 26/8/2019 at Knut head office in Mfangano. But there has been speculations going round that Sossion is planning to hold a meeting with some NEC members today.

There are two factions one advocating for Sossion removal and another which fights for Sossion. The former claim TSC deregistered the Knut boss and he is not fit to lead teachers since he is no longer one, they also say since he joined politics he should concentrate on politics and leave the union for other people to run. But Sossions camp claim this is a plot by government to kill the union.

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