Unregistered public and private schools to be closed by June

Unregistered public and private schools to be closed by June

The Education Ministry will close down both public and private schools that have not met qualification standards by mid-June, Education PS Belio Kipsang has said.

Kipsang said students of schools that will not have met the bare minimum standards will be placed in other schools at the start of the third term.

Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, the PS said the ministry is conducting an audit to establish institutions that don’t meet the criteria the ministry has put across.

“As schools break for mid-term, the government will assess the schools that will not have complied with the regulations and this will be closed down,” Kipsang said.

According to the ministry guidelines, any place that teaches 15 or more children needs to be registered as a school.

However, the puzzle lies in public institutions that have been underfunded and lack the required infrastructure for registration.

In this case, the ministry says it will revoke their registration certificate.

This could run to thousands of schools.

“When I look at the press and see students sitting under trees I question how they received their operation licences,” Education CS George Magoha said.

The directive comes a day after Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha urged universities to consider courses that they are offering to avoid duplication.

Magoha was addressing vice-chancellors on Monday during the high education conference.

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