TSC top official promises early December salaries for teachers

TSC top official promises early December salaries for teachers

A senior Teachers Service Commission (TSC) official has revealed that teachers will get their December salaries uninterrupted early before Christmas.

Her assurance comes just a day after Treasury Cabinet Secretary (CS) Njuguna Ndung’u revealed that the government is broke and may not pay December salaries for public officers.

While appearing before Parliamentary Budget Committee, CS Ndung’u said the government is going through turbulent times and is struggling to pay salaries for government officials.

He blamed the severe droughts which was then followed by the devastating el nino rains that has caused shortfall in revenue collection.

“In last one year we have had severe drought and el nino rains. In both cases we have reallocated supplementary budget, recurrent budget and even development budget to save lives. At the same time those situations have created a recession, we are not collecting enough tax revenues,” said Ndung’u.

He said the budget shortfall will affect both salary payments and the government development plans.

TSC teachers usually get their December salaries early mostly on 18th of that month or latest by 22nd. This makes them prepare for the festivities.

Many teachers are afraid that they will miss their December salaries hence affecting their plans. However the TSC insider says they already have the money to pay teachers full December salaries on time.

Recently government was forced to pay Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) employees their salaries with arrears.

The employees had gone for five good months without pay. ICT CS Eliud Owalo was cornered over the unpaid staff.

Senate ICT Committee led by Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei directed the Cabinet Secretary to ensure outstanding salaries are cleared before Christmas.

“Among the issues we have discussed include the challenges faced by the Postal Corporation of Kenya concerning its financial status, liquidity issues, and most importantly, salary arrears for staff,” Owalo noted after appearing before the Senate committee.

“We have informed the committee that the Postal Corporation of Kenya has been facing liquidity challenges arising from historical issues, but moving forward, we have explained that salaries of staff will be settled in no distant future,” he added.

Many teachers are hoping that they will work and their salaries will continue to come uninterrupted.

The Commission is under pressure to pay P1 teachers it promoted through deployment to junior secondary.

Many of these teachers have not received salary changes since March when they first started to teach in Grade 7.


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