TSC to promote first TPD cohorts teachers in 2023

TSC to promote first TPD cohorts teachers in 2023

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will promote first cohorts of Teacher Professional Development (TPD) next year.

Sources have revealed that the teachers will have an upper hand when TSC makes an advertisement for promotion of teachers next year.

The first TPD cohorts will be issued with a TPD certificate after completing the introductory module in December 2022.

Some teachers who attend TPD sessions during evening and night classes have already being issued with the certificate after completing all the five areas. The introductory module covers the following areas.

  1. Teacher Professionalism
  2. CBC, Pedagogy and Inclusive Practices
  3. Assessment
  4. Comprehensive School Health and Safety
  5. Instructional Leadership and Financial Literacy

TSC launched TPD in September 22, 2021, requiring all teachers registered with the commission to undertake a six-module course that would form the basis of their promotion and employment going forward.

TSC said teachers will be eligible for re-certification and promotion after completing the modules since the modules have been anchored in the career progression guidelines.

TPD points and a certificate will be issued to teachers who successfully complete a module. The points carry weight and will be considered during promotion interviews.

Each teacher is to pay Sh6,000 for each module, which would be valid for five years, before taking the next module.

Whether President William Ruto’s government will fund the TPD training programme as promised is still a mystery.

TPD funding promise is enshrined in the Kenya Kwanza Education Charter.

“Ensure that all the government initiated capacity building trainings including Teacher Continuous Professional Development are undertaken by trainers free of charge,” reads the document.

The President and his Deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, have however never uttered a word concerning the programme since their swearing in ceremony.

The two have largely concentrated on other two big promises they made to teachers which are delocalization and employment.

However President Ruto gave a hint of what his government is upto. On 25th October 2022 the President said it is not necessary to take someone who is already trained back to school again.

“There is no need to take someone who understands the work to school again, give them the exam, the papers and let them continue working,” said President Ruto.

This he said after a move was made by government to slash at least sh 1.02 billion allocated to TSC for training teachers on the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

All indications show that TPD will continue. This is after the Education Taskforce recommended for teachers to be re-trained to acquaint themselves with the new curriculum.

The Commission picked Mt Kenya University, Kenyatta University, Riara University and the Kenya Education Management Institute to offer the professional training.

TSC said more institutions and colleges will be invited to offer TPD training to teachers in 2023.

Already the courts cleared the Commission to go ahead with the TPD programme after dismissal of a petition challenging its implementation.

The Employment and Labour Relations Court in Nakuru dismissed a petition by Mr Joseph Ngethe Karanja who wanted the programme disbanded citing lack of public participation and violation of teachers’ rights.

However Justice David Nderitu gave TSC the green light to continue with the execution of the TPD programme after finding the process to be in line with the Constitution.


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