TSC set to hire 8,000 teachers this year to mitigate shortage

TSC set to hire 8,000 teachers this year to mitigate shortage

The Government has set aside Sh3.2 billion to hire 8,000 teachers this year to address shortage.

The teacher shortage in primary schools stands at 37,643, while that in secondary schools is at 49,750, according to a report the Teachers Service Commission presented before the National Assembly’s Education committee early in March.

There are 309,000 trained teachers who are unemployed by TSC.

And yesterday, TSC chief executive Nancy Macharia said the additional teachers would also support the Government policy of 100 per cent primary to secondary school transition.

Dr Macharia told the annual Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (Kessha) conference in Mombasa that the vacancies would be advertised in the next two weeks.

She said priority would be given to schools with the biggest shortage when distributing the new teachers.

“To mitigate shortage of teachers, the government has set aside Sh2 billion for employment of an additional 5,000 teachers and another Sh1.2 billion for an extra 3,000 teachers this year,” she said. She said the success of the 100 per cent transition had led to a significant demand for additional teachers.

“Many secondary schools have had to start additional streams. I am aware that as a result of the increased enrollment, some schools have a shortage of up to 10 teachers,” Macharia.

She added: “There is a cumulative national shortage of more than 85,000 teachers, mostly in secondary schools.

“Kessha chairman Kahi Indimuli had pleaded with TSC to employ teachers, noting that most secondary schools had been forced to hire extra six teachers to support learning, causing additional expenditure of Sh1.4 million per school annually.

“Schools have been forced to take up TSC’s role to employ teachers. But now that you are here, as the teachers’ employer, we are handing over your mandate,” Mr Indimuli said.

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