TSC new mission and vision statements teachers need to know

TSC new mission and vision statements teachers need to know

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) released new mission and vision statements.

The Commission had initiated an employee contest to develop a new vision, mission and logo.

The contest ran from  9th to 30th September 2021. However, none of the entries met the selection criteria. Therefore, the contest was declared non-responsive.

The Commission then decided to re-advertise the contest and provided clear selection criteria and timelines.


The following were encouraged to participate:

• Teachers in both private and public learning institutions including Kenya Institute of Special  Education  (KISE), Kenya  Institute  for the Blind  (KIB), CEMASTEA, Teacher Training Colleges.

• Learners/trainees in both private and public basic learning institutions,

• Basic public/private learning institutions &

• TSC Secretariat Staff.

Details of the contest were captured in Tender No. TSC/DC/01/2021/2022 which were accessed from www.tsc.go.ke

Below are the new TSC vision and mission statements.

Old Mission: To professionalize the teaching service for quality education and development.

New Mission: To regulate, maintain and manage the teaching service through sound policies and operational excellence for quality teaching and life long learning.

Old Vision: To be a transformative teaching service for quality education

New Vision: A motivated, ethical and globally competitive teacher


1. To register trained teachers

2. To recruit and employ trained teachers

3. To assign teachers employed by the Commission for service in any public school or institution

4. To promote and transfer teachers

5. To exercise disciplinary control over teachers

6. To terminate the employment of teachers

7. To review the standards of education and training of persons entering the teaching service

8. To review the demand for and the supply of teachers

9. To advice the national government on matters relating to the teaching profession


1. Professionalism

2. Customer focus

3. Integrity

4. Innovativeness

5. Team spirit

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