TSC launches two day retooling for ICT champions

TSC launches two day retooling for ICT champions

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is set to start a two day training for teachers on remote learning.

The training will be done at zonal level starting Monday next week. The teachers will be trained by Curriculum Support Officers (CSOs) and Master Trainers.

Teachers incharge of ICT in their schools, known as ICT champons, will attend the training.

Remote learning is geared towards providing a continuity of learning in schools during closures as a result of various issues for example COVID 19 pandemic.

Its a temporary move from face-to-faceĀ  learning in a physical classroom to learning online.

Remote learning actualizes teaching and learning for teachers and learners who, for given reasons, can not be in the classroom.

TSC plans to use this programme to enhance learning. This comes at a time when TSC is faced with huge shortage of teachers.

This training aims to achieve a number of objectives which include; to train teachers on assistive technologies in remote learning for learners with special needs.

To guide teachers, school administrators and field officers on how to efficiently monitor remote learning.

To sensitize teachers on the policies that support remote learning.

To highlight the roles of different stakeholders in the education sector in remote learning.

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