TSC guide schools, send alert to close TPAD portal

TSC guide schools, send alert to close TPAD portal

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is set to close the online Teacher Performance and Development (TPAD) portal.

Throughout this week the online system has had serious problems with teachers unable to interact with it efficiently.

However our team checked it today morning and found out that it has stabilized and its now accepting data and working well.

Teachers are required to submit their appraisal ratings for second term before the deadline when the system will close.

At the same time the Commission has also released guidelines for schools whose Deputy Heads of Institutions (DHOI) had problem doing lesson observation and appraising teachers.

TSC has directed the school heads on how they can assign rights to their deputies for them to be able to appraise teachers effectively.


If by any chance a school has a Deputy Head teacher who is unable to appraise the other teachers due to lost DHOI rights, the HOI should:

(i). Log in to the TMIS system

(ii). Go to teachers details page (page no. 4 of 7)

(iii). Update the current deputy data from teacher to deputy.

(iv). Indicate the date of current responsibility (date when the teacher was appointed to that position of deputy)

(v). Click on the save button to save the changes

According to the Commission, TPAD which is an open appraisal system will allow teachers in primary and secondary schools to participate in evaluating their own performance and initiate their professional development.

Through the appraisal and development system, it is envisaged that teachers will become more empowered to regain the lost glory of the teaching profession and public confidence and support.

TSC uses TPAD to promote its teachers. During promotion interviews teachers must download and produce evidence of TPAD compliance for lthem to be considered.

Teachers who fail to comply by taking the appraisal and lesson observations risk disciplinary action from the Commission.


TPAD ActivityAction ByTime Frame
1.Planning meetings before school opening involving all staff to set school TPAD Activity calendarHeads of Institutions , Senior
Management Team, Teachers,
By the last week of the school holiday.
2.Submission of professional documentsHeads of institution
All Teachers
By the end of the first week of the term
3.Undertaking lesson observations and identifying and documenting teacher’s professional gapsAppraisees and appraisers.Between 2nd week and 10th week of the term
4.Undertaking teacher professional development to address professional gaps.Appraisees, appraisers, institutional administrators.Throughout the term; from 1st week to the last week of the term
5.Internal Monitoring & Evaluation of the implementation of TPAD process.Heads of institution, Deputy Head of Institution, Heads of DepartmentContinuous throughout the term
6.Monitoring the implementation of TPAD process at county level; zonal, sub county & countyCurriculum Support Officers, Sub County Directors and County DirectorsThroughout the term; from 1st week to the last week of the term
7.TPAD rating meetingsAppraisee (teachers) and appraiser (HODs, deputy heads, Heads of Institution, CSOs, SCD)By the closing date of the term
8.Uploading of TPAD data and evidence.Appraisee (teachers) and appraiser (HODs, deputy heads, Heads of Institution, CSOs, SCD)Throughout the term


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