TPD training continues despite low teacher enrolment

TPD training continues despite low teacher enrolment

Training of teachers on Teacher Professional Development (TPD) continues in various accredited institutions despite low number of teachers enrolling for the programme.

In Mount Kenya University (MKU) a number of teachers are currently attending training sessions online using links issued by institution.

The training which has started today will end on 6th May 2023.

The Commission picked Mt Kenya University, Kenyatta University, Riara University and the Kenya Education Management Institute to offer the professional training to teachers.

TSC said more institutions and colleges will be invited to offer TPD training to teachers this year.

Teachers are required to pay sh 6,000 yearly for the six modules which take five years each.

Already the courts cleared the Commission to go ahead with the TPD programme after dismissal of a petition challenging its implementation.

TSC has indicated through its Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) that only teachers who have taken the TPD modules will be considered for promotion.

The first module, introductory module, started in September 22, 2021, when TSC first launched the programme.

Some teachers who attend TPD sessions during evening and night classes have already been issued with the certificate after completing all the five areas.

The introductory module covers the following areas.

  1. Teacher Professionalism
  2. CBC, Pedagogy and Inclusive Practices
  3. Assessment
  4. Comprehensive School Health and Safety
  5. Instructional Leadership and Financial Literacy

However many teachers are yet to join the six-module course which TSC said would form the basis of their promotion and employment.

The teachers cite hard economic times which they say make it impossible for them to fund for their training.

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