Sossion officially bows out of Knut after sensing defeat

Sossion officially bows out of Knut after sensing defeat

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) secretary General Wilson Sossion will not defend his seat.

Sossion made a statement today that he has opted out of the elections which are planned to take place tomorrow at Ruaraka Sports Club in Nairobi.

Here is the official statement by Wilson Sossion who failed to present his nomination papers to the Ministry of Labour officials early today.

Sossion was facing stiff competition from Collins Oyuu and most delegates had already denounced his leadership.

Here is the press statement by Wilson Sossion on his resignation as Knut SG;


Esteemed media houses represented at this occasion, I salute you all. It is an opportune moment to make observations, remarks and declarations following my career as a trade union leader at KNUT, Education International African Region Office and the Federation of East African Teachers Unions.

I  chose to address you on the eve of KNUT national elections after extensive and exhaustive consultations with my fellow  trade unionists, my colleagues in the political world, professional associates and my family.

Ladies and gentlemen, right from  the date I was first picked to serve KNUT as an elected leader at the branch level in 2001 rising through the ranks and file to the position of Secretary-General and the President of Education  International  African Chapter, I have never looked behind all through I have been fighting  for teachers’ professional and labour rights and campaigning  for the delivery of Quality Public Education.

My agitation for teachers’ democratic space, professional and labour rights has always paid  off, with the most outstanding being teachers of Kenya signing a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for the first time in 60 years when I led a thirty six (36) days  nationwide  strike in September to October 2015  that eventually delivered the 1st career Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Under my watch as the Secretary-General of KNUT, I managed to successfully push for teachers better  terms and conditions of service, salary and allowance increments.

Kenyan teachers currently earn well comparatively in the  region and through my leadership I have realized increased earning of  up  to 73 billion per annum.    

More teachers  have equally  been employed on permanent and pensionable terms via my leadership.

Before the dark clouds  descended on KNUT in July 2019 the Union leadership through dialogue with TSC successfully pushed for enhanced working environment of our members; improved the welfare of teachers, and more so, dispute resolutions mechanism was the order of the day whenever there was a misunderstanding between KNUT and TSC.

However, KNUT success story has not gone without hitches and challenges which I still  believe  were stage-managed by people  with ulterior motives and enemies of trade unionism and  who also thought that Sossion was a threat to State security.  

A believe that a strong Union is  not good for government which is a great fallacy. A strong trade union is good for quality education.

I thank Retired-President, Mzee Mai Kibaki for his leadership style and fully recognising the role of trade unions in the modern  world. 

During Kibaki’s time there was respect and consideration  of  labour rights for workers unlike todays here a section of government regards unions as enemies of the State.

During  Kibaki’s tenure, there was decorum and decency in handling labour matters.

I sincerely that His Excellency President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta for engaging us severally and ensuring that Labour issues were well resoved.

Current earning by teachers are largely attributed to him individually.

Decline in Democracy and human rights for trade unions is  real in Kenya. The government is opposed to the  activities of  unions in the Public Service such as Universities Academic Staff Union, Kenya  Universities Staff Union, Kenya  Dock Workers Union, Kenya Medical  Practitioners, Pharmacists  and Dentist  Union, Kenya  National  Nurses  Union, Kenya Union of Clinical Officers, Kenya National Union of Medical Laboratory Officers, KNUT among many others.

To sum up, I would  wish  to restate that KNUT members deserve  credit for the restrain and sobriety they have shown in the face of open provocation  and frustration by the Government.

I salute all members of KNUT. Remain Resilient to the end.

l have therefore today decided that in the interest of KNUT, its membership and_myself,I hereby honourably bow out of KNUT leadership. I_shall remain loyal to KNUT and_always available to advice and support the leadership. I trust that the Government of Kenya will find it necessary to allow Union Dues to flow to KNUT again.

I shall continue serving Kenyan’s in other capacities and for the remaining period of the 12th parliament, I shall devote myself to my work at the National Assembly undivided.

And for those who will be elected on Saturday June 26th, 2021), I beseech you, never be compromised by any authority, and don’t  be converted into tools of  commerce.  

Always respect the mission of the Union and champion the interests and aspirations of teachers. Forge unity and never betray your members.

I hail the Media houses for according me and KNUT the deserving Press coverage, and continuously highlighting the  ills, trials and misfortunes faced by teachers.

I will continue supporting KNUT and any other trade movement under whatever circumstances whenever my services are sought.

Thank You.


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