Sossion fights for Knut school administrators to be included in July CBA

Sossion fights for Knut school administrators to be included in July CBA

Knut Secretary has come out to ask the teacher employer, TSC, to include school administrators in the upcoming July phase four CBA implementation. This is after word went round that the school administrators belonging to the giant teachers union will miss in the last payment of the 2017 – 2021 CBA this July.

TSC on July 6, assured teachers the final phase of the CBA is intact and will be paid this month.

“Key among our achievements is the signing of the 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement with teachers’ unions. The fourth phase of CBA implementation comes at the end of this month. Another crucial achievement is the automation of TSC services and especially the T-Pay system through which you approve and monitor your third party financial transactions” said TSC head of communications Beatrice Wababu.

However over 103,000 school heads may not feature in the upcoming pay rise after most of them were left out in the first, second and third phase of the CBA because of belonging to Knut.

On August last year TSC said through a circular that it decided to exclude school administrators from enjoying the third phase of the CBA because of the implications of the judgement of the employment and labour relations court which required Knut members to be paid using the old Schemes of Service and not CPG (Career Progressions Guidelines) which TSC had come up with.

“The payroll for Knut members has not factored in phase three of the CBA because the court ordered that their terms be based on the Schemes of Service and not CPG. Some 103,624 teachers who also include head teachers, deputy head teachers and senior teachers are affected. Eventually this will lead to Knut members losing all benefits embeded in the CBP as implementation of the CBA” TSC had warned through a circular.

Already TSC payroll has closed and tension is still high on whether TSC will exclude the adminstrators in the final phase.

Mr Sossion has asked TSC to pay the administrators the increment plus all the arrears from July last year to June 2020. The Knut SG says that money was budgeted for in parliament and TSC should take responsibility to explain where it is. He cautioned TSC for punishing teachers for mistakes they did not do.

In May TSC had requested for verification of data that captured school administrators. It said that majority of teachers enjoyed the first, second and third phase of CBA yet were not school administrators. TSC admitted that it paid money to fake administrators and directed for submission of fresh data to be used to pay the final phase.

Most teachers have left Knut since the tussle between it and their employer and because they fear missing in TSC promotions and CBA increments.

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