Sonko launches free milk project for children in ECDE centres

Sonko launches free milk project for children in ECDE centres

Pupils in Nairobi County’s Early Childhood Development Education centers will start receiving free milk next week. Governor Mike Sonko unveiled the programme on Friday in partnership with Brookside Dairy Limited.


During the launch at Martin Luther Primary School in Makadara Constituency, Mr Sonko said each of the 17,000 children at all the public ECDE centers in the city will get a packet of milk twice every week.

“I have been informed of the excitement this project has brought to the children. More than 200 children have re-enrolled to school since September 7, when we began distributing the milk. This project not only improves nutrition and keeps hunger away but also puts a smile on every child’s face,” he said.

“I will never forget the story of one child who, after receiving his packet of milk, started crying for an extra packet to take to his younger brother at home who had nothing to eat. Many other children want to carry the milk home to share with their families.”

The Governor said he expects the enrollment of children in ECDE centers to increase from the current 17,000 to about 23,000 children by December.
“To maintain high quality standards of education, my government is in the process of engaging 520 ECDE teachers for deployment as soon as the Public Service Board completes the recruitment process. Every ECDE centre will receive at least two more teachers before the end of the term,” he said.

The Governor also promised to build a modern ECDE center in every ward in Nairobi.

He noted that 10 – Utawala, Pipeline, Nyayo Highrise, Ngei, Ngando, Mabatini, Lucky Summer, Laini Saba, Kware and Imara Daima – do not have a public primary school and such a centre.

“My government is finalising a proposal to end this marginalization,” he said.

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